Keep Your Chin Up: Ways to Keep Your Neck Area Fresh and Firm


If there is one particular part of your body that is prone to signs of aging, your neck would be a prime candidate, so rather than buying lots of scarves and turtle-necks, you might want to look at some ways to keep your neck area from sagging and bagging.


One option to consider is a new non-surgical method to tighten sagging neck skin or reduce your double chin, and there are some other ways to help you to keep your chin up and avoid the prospect of your neck showing its age.


What you are working against


As you get older you will have to accept to a certain degree that your skin will lose a certain amount of its youthful elasticity and collagen loss is also an issue, resulting in the skin around your neck and chin to sag more than you would probably want it to.


The clock starts ticking almost from the moment that you hit your twenties, so there is no time to lose when it comes to working on keeping your neck and chin nicely toned. Add in some detrimental factors like a poor diet, too much exposure to the sun and smoking, and you could soon find things literally slipping, unless you do something to combat the problem.


Give your jaw a workout


Sometimes some of the simplest ideas can turn out to be the most effective, and giving your jaw a good workout is certainly one way of keeping that chin up and exercising the muscles in that area so everything stays as tight as possible.


If you talk continuously for hours on end, that is perhaps one way to exercise your jaw, but the suggestion here is get a pack of sugar-free gum and get chewing several times a day.


The way you can keep your double chin at bay is to keep your facial muscles as toned as possible and an effective workout for those muscles would be to get chewing a give your jaw line a decent workout.


Exercise your tongue to improve your neck and chin


There is an exercise called the Tongue Press, which is well worth learning in your effort to keeping your neck and chin in good shape.


Sit down with your back nice and straight and your shoulders slightly down. Then tilt your head back enough to be staring at the ceiling. Next step is to robustly press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, whilst holding this position keep your chin pressed as closely to your chest as possible, but without managing to round your upper back.


If you are managing to do this exercise correctly you should notice that your chin and the front of your neck have contracted slightly. Relax your tongue and return to your original position, before repeating the process about 15-20 times, twice a day if you can manage it.


Make a natural mask


You might want to consider making a natural using glycerin, which can be quite effective in combating a double chin in particular.


Making this mask is pretty simple and only requires a few basic ingredients. What you will need is one tablespoon of glycerin, half a teaspoon of Epsom salts, and a couple of drops of peppermint oil.


Dab a cotton pad in the mixture and then apply it to your neck and chin area. Let it work away for a few minutes so that it has enough time to absorb into your skin, then, wash off the mask with cold water.


If you want to give yourself the best chance of some positive results, make yourself a glycerin mask at least three times every week.


Cocoa butter for better elasticity


If you get into the habit of using cocoa butter on a regular basis, there is a good chance that it will help to improve and maintain the elasticity of your skin.


A good way of using cocoa butter to tackle a double chin, is to gently warm up a couple of tablespoons of the cocoa butter and then massage it into your neck and chin area for a good few minutes.


If you can make using cocoa butter a regular routine and try to use it twice a day as part of your bathing routine, you could be rewarded with skin around your neck and chin area that responds with a nice youthful level of elasticity.


These are just a few relatively simple but effective ways to keep your chin and neck area in the best possible shape as you get older.


Bailey Fraser has just turned 40 and has seriously started to consider her body, now noticing the wrinkles more and more and unable to stop worrying about signs of a double chin. She’s taking things into her own hands, researching natural helpers and sharing her findings with other women.

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