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Have you ever really thought about how important water is to your body? Just in case you didn’t know, on average the body of an adult human being contains 70% water which is mostly found inside our cells. Clearly one can see where water would be an important and essential nutrient for your health.

Recently I was afforded the opportunity to review the Pure Hydration Antioxidant Alkaline Water system manufactured by Cosan, a 30+ year manufacturer of water purification systems. The Pure Hydration system is solely distributed by Cosan|USA which is a leader in healthy eco-friendly advanced purification systems that incorporate natural earth elements resulting in a profound balancing effect on the health and state of our bodies. The Pure Hydration Product line was developed focusing on detoxification, proper hydration, pH balancing and advanced water purification processes and understanding.

Pure Hydration is one of the most advanced and affordably priced water purification systems of its kind found anywhere in the world. This non-electric mineralizer produces 9.5 pH water, has an Oxidation Reduction Potential of -550 ORP and a Negative Hydrogen rating of 1,200-1,500 PPB making it a world class contender against any water ionizer on the planet.

In my personal opinion I think when you try out the Pure Hydration system, The Most Advanced & Affordably Priced All Natural Water Ionizer many great benefits will come from consuming healthier water. Since my husband installed the Pure Hydration system in our home I can see a difference in my health and so can he. I’ve noticed I don’t have many skin flair ups with my eczema, I have less headaches and body pain, and my bowls appear to be more consistent too! I also know that with drinking alkaline water it will help reduce bone loss and keep your body properly hydrated. Water is the key element in improving your health and with the use of any of the Corsan|USA systems your body is sure to keep your immune system healthy and improve your overall health and performance.

It is recommended to consume ½ your body weight in ounces of alkaline water daily. If your weight is 15olbs you would consider consuming 75 ounces, this will definitely help you and your family move toward a healthier state. 

Whereas health and water purification is the all buzz during our times of diminishing water quality, just recall the crisis in Flint Michigan, it’s a privilege to have access to a system that purifies a nutrient that’s so essential in our everyday survival. Did you know that you can survive without water only for a few days? That’s because our bodies need water to keep our organs functioning properly, to flush out toxins, and to help with body temperature and much more.

If you’re looking for a way to purify your water look no more for Cosan|USA is the right company for you! You see Cosan|USA  is composed of a team of specialists with decades of experience in water purification. On their front lines they have indoor environmentalists and water quality experts and behind the scenes they have an army of research specialists, engineers, medical doctors, university research teams and advisory boards that support the development of their advanced best-in-class purification systems.  Their products provide health benefits in creating life energy for optimal health in our everyday lives. Just take a look and learn more by reviewing some consumer testimonials here.

Cosan|USA  carry’s a line of purification systems that can help transform ordinary bottle/tap water even while you’re on the go into pure alkaline antioxidant water. We all know drinking and consuming too many acids can damage the body and cause less than proper body function. That’s why it’s essential in having a great Cosan|USA system. The benefits behind these systems can and will keep the body properly hydrated which in return will help to keep you healthy.

Let’s get to the CosanUSA products line:

First we have the Pure Hydration,The Most Advanced & Affordably Priced All Natural Water Ionizer.


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