5 Unbeatable Pregnancy Products That Will Prove Their Worth


If you’re pregnant, get ready to marvel at all of the newest products designed to make your pregnancy easier. You can drive more comfortably with seat belt extenders that will provide more comfort around your belly while driving your car. Alternatively, you might like to sleep with a body pillow that you can put between your knees to make sleeping while heavily pregnant a snap. Here are five more pregnancy products that will help to make the time fly until you are ready to become a new mum.

1. Pregnancy Back Braces

Some women are lucky enough to gain all of their pregnancy weight in their stomachs. Then again, having an extra large belly can also be a hindrance when you’re getting closer to your due date. Back braces made for pregnant women can take the stress off of their lower backs and aid in keeping their spines better aligned. If you’re suffering from bad back pain and are looking for a solution, these back braces may be a life saver for you!

2. Whipped Shea Belly Cream

The best way to avoid getting stretch marks while pregnant is to keep your skin super hydrated. Few creams have as much moisturizing power as shea butter, but this natural skin butter isn’t always easy for pregnant women to distribute evenly. With whipped shea belly cream, you can slather moisture around your knees, under your stomach and beneath your breasts quickly and thoroughly. You’ll also feel more comfortable and avoid chafing when you keep high friction areas moisturised as you get bigger with your pregnancy. 

3. High Quality Maternity Tights

Need a pregnancy product that you can wear again and again? Don a pair of pregnancy tights and create a look that is versatile and timeless. Tights for pregnant women need to be spacious so that their skin doesn’t get compressed, but they also need to be stretchy enough to enable their bellies to slowly expand. Pregnancy tights can help you to feel more secure as you exercise, are convenient coming on and off as you go to regular midwife appointments, and inexpensive enough to buy enough to fill an entire dresser drawer. For example, the retailers APM Fashion have maternity tights from £4.79 which you can view here.

4. Sea Sickness Bands

In addition to the many strange food cravings you’ll get while pregnant, you can also anticipate getting morning sickness. There are some medications that doctors have approved for women who have severe morning sickness during pregnancy, but the side effects are sometimes quite unpredictable. You can wear sea sickness bands on your wrist and find relief within about an hour. If you want a more natural way to deal with morning sickness, these bands use the natural power of acupuncture to help regulate appetite and reduce nausea.

5. Supportive Maternity Bras

One thing you might not expect while pregnant is a massive change to the shape and size of your breasts. Even if you choose not to nurse or have a small natural bust size, maternity bras can be very useful. They offer wider straps and better support than standard bras so you will feel more comfortable during the duration of your pregnancy.

Pick up these five pregnancy products and every month will be an adventure. Your feet may swell and you might want sardine ice cream, but at least you can be reasonably comfortable as your pregnancy goes on. Wear the most stylish pregnancy tights so that you can stay ready for the next stage in motherhood.

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