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In the airsoft gun industry the choices available can be over whelming to newcomers to the sport.  There are high end AEG’s (Automatic Electric Gun), clones, knock-offs, gas operated, and even blow back.  Consumers not aware of this can have a very difficult time when trying to make a solid purchase for the first time.  This article is about why you would be making a solid choice in selecting one of the Classic Army airsoft guns as your purchase.
Purchasing a Classic Army airsoft gun means you are investing in a company that has been around since the beginning.  The company prides itself in reconstructing near identical replicas of the real steel firearms they resemble.  This manufacturing process includes using metal components, ensuring the weight and feel reflect that of a real firearm.  This is sure to please enthusiasts looking to get into the sport and wanting to closely simulate the experience of operating a real firearm.
Another benefit to purchasing a Class Army or CA as they are known by their stamp, is the fact that their internals, or gearbox as it is technically referred too, comes upgraded.  One of the many things that hardcore airsoft players like to do, is open up the internals of the replica and upgrade components to make them fire harder, faster and more reliably.  With a Classic Army you already get that benefit, but without the hassle of having to open up the gearbox.  That in itself can be a daunting task, and could potentially ruin the AEG, not to mention void any warranty the operator may have had when purchasing the replica.
Classic Army has a plethora of AEG options as well.  They offer everything from the standard M4 airsoft rifles and their variants, Ak-47’s, M-249 squad assault weapons and everything in between.  They even offer a Sportline series which are affordable plastic body AEG’s, yet housing the reputable internals that helped in making Classic Army a respected brand.  The price can go up to the very expensive, but with that price you would be getting a fully upgraded AEG with metal parts, and moving external components also known as ‘blow back’.  These are intended for the collector, or the hard core airsoft player.  However, even the entry level Sportline will be plenty AEG to have you stay competitive in any given situation.
Another benefit to a Classic Army airsoft gun is that they hit hard.  A lot of airsoft fields set regulations as to how hard your airsoft gun can fire, most fields restrict AEG’s to 350 FPS (feet per second) for standards assault rifle type replicas.  A lot of lower end airsoft guns shoot consistently in the 260-290 FPS range.  With Classic Army, that bar is raised to a standard of 300 FPS.  This is a huge benefit as it means you know you have a great replica that will shoot hard enough, and straight enough, allowing the operator to not feel intimated because they may not have the most expensive replica on the field.


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