Caring for Different Types of Leather


There are many different types of leather on the market and all of which have slightly different requirements when it comes to making sure they remain in good condition. Whether you have an old leather Wing chair you want to protect or perhaps you have the latest leather Tub Chairs. Continue reading on to find out how you can take care of the leather you own and how you can prevent it from becoming damaged.

Leather sofas are some of the most comfortable seating available, they look the part in almost any home and they can last for many years if looked after correctly. It is very important that you make sure you are caring for your leather correctly and depending on what type of leather your furniture is made from there are different levels of care required.


Aniline is very high quality leather and is created from Top Grain leather.  Aniline differs to other leathers as it is dyed all the way through. It is a very porous type of leather which makes for a very breathable and in turn, one of the most durable leathers you can buy. This type of leather has very minimal surface protection which makes Aniline more prone to wear over time, it can require frequent cleaning to ensure it stays in its original condition. It is very difficult to clean this type of leather fully but you can apply a leather conditioner to help protect the leather over time. This will need to be applied around every four to six months to continue to protect the leather. On a day to day basis you can keep the leather clean by dusting it with a soft, dry cloth and be sure to remove any spills quickly to prevent it from being absorbed into the leather too much.


Semi-Aniline leather is pure leather that has been finished with a surface coating or pigment. This coating is usually a clear finish so Semi-Aniline still preserves the natural look of the leather. This coating will further its durability which helps to protect from stains or spills. Application of a Leather Protector cream is recommended with this type of leather to help protect it over time. On a daily basis you can protect this leather by dusting or vacuuming with a soft cloth or brush.


Pigmented leather such as Full Grain, Corrected Grain or Split Leather has a very thick surface coating making it a very durable type of leather which should be very resistant to wear. To protect these types of leather it is recommended to use a leather protection cream designed for pigmented leather. It is important to be aware that this cream may alter the color of the leather when applied so as with any treatment pay attention to the instruction and test it on an inconspicuous area initially. Daily care can consist of dusting with a soft cloth or vacuum brush. Like other types of leather quickly cleaning a spill will help to avoid staining. With pigmented leathers it is important to avoid regular household cleaning products as these can cause significant damage to the surface such as fading or cracking of the surface.

Nubuck or Suede

Nubuck and Suede are similar types of leather which have a soft velvet-like surface. Due to the fibers this type of leather can easily be stained. These types of leather are relatively easy to maintain than other varieties however. Spillages can be removed if they are treated quickly, Nubuck or Suede do not need frequent treating like other types of leather but there are waterproof protectors available that can help to repel any accidental spills making the material more durable and easier to maintain. The fibers of nubuck or suede can also become flattened over time. There are specialist brushes available that can be used to bring the fibers back to their original state.

That concludes this guide to protecting the leather furniture you own. If you ensure you take care of your leather on a frequent basis, it is likely to last many years to come. As always when applying a specific cleaner to your leather read the instructions thoroughly and if you are in doubt test the product on an inconspicuous area first.

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