Mobi Earbuds: Noise-Canceling Headphones for Moms Who Need a Minute Off


Everyone deserves a break. But as moms, we rarely get one. Our version of taking a break is taking a quiet moment in the car before picking up the kids from daycare or escaping to the bathroom for a few seconds of solitude.

What if you could have a little peace and quiet anytime you wanted? Technology is coming to the rescue with the new Mobi Earbuds. These earbuds are similar to Apple and Bose wireless earbuds. They’ll play your music, let you call and text, and even give you access to Siri or Google. 

But Mobi have a few significant differences. They’re the most advanced noise-canceling earbuds on the market. When you put them on, the volume of the world around you turns down to zero. It’s a blissful escape into your favorite music anytime you want. 

The other difference? Mobi only cost $75. That’s nearly $200 cheaper than other premium headphones for the same (or better) features. A limited number of pairs are available at this price. Check here to see if they’re still in stock.

What you Need to Know about Mobi

I know you’re busy, so here’s what you need to know about Mobi in a minute or less:

  • Mobi have unparalleled active noise canceling (ANC) power. They’ll blank out the world around you while improving the quality of your music.
  • Transparency Mode allows certain sounds to pass through the ANC, so you can stay aware of your kids’ voices, alarms, sirens, Alexa, and more while your earbuds are in. 
  • Mobi’s speakers are up to 100% larger than those of other brands, so you’ll enjoy bigger and clearer sound. You can even feel the bass in your belly!
  • With an IPX6 waterproof rating, you can wear Mobi in any weather AND the shower (one of my favorite places to escape from it all!). The carrying case is also waterproof. 
  • Mobi have a 100-hour battery. You’ll get 10 hours per charge from the earbuds and 90 more hours in the carrying case. You can listen for weeks without needing to plug in. 
  • Mobi have extra microphones to make calling even clearer. If you call on the go, Mobi can isolate your voice better, preventing callers from hearing anything around you (treadmill, kids, etc.). 
  • Mobi has ALL the features of premium headphones, including touch controls, instant pairing, digital assistant access, Bluetooth 5.2, and fast charging.
  • Have we mentioned they only cost 75$?

That’s Mobi in a nutshell. If you want a bit more info, we take a closer look below. If you want to see these earbuds in action, check out the pre-sale here.

Why Parents are Picking Mobi  

There are a few reasons why Mobi are so popular with busy parents. 

The Price

Cheaper is better. Especially when you get THE SAME or better features as brands like Apple, Sony, and Bose. 

How does Mobi charge so little? 

Well, they don’t really. The $75 ticket is only available during the pre-sale event (here). Also, Mobi doesn’t advertise like crazy, unlike those other brands. They have a loyal following they’ve developed by launching their products on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter. 

When you don’t spend millions on marketing, you can charge a lot less for your products! 

Top Noise-Canceling Power

Mobi’s ANC is unlike anything you’ll find with other true wireless headphones. Mobi’s next-gen hybrid ANC is a combination of two forms of ANC (thus, the name “hybrid”). This allows Mobi to cancel more types of noise.

Mobi takes things even further by doubling the number of ANC microphones (these microphones detect ambient noise). 

With an additional microphone, Mobi can more accurately determine the distance of distractions and cancel them before they reach your ears. Mobi can cancel sounds from the full range of audio frequency. Other ANC headphones can’t do that. 

This is why putting on Mobi is such an escape. When you tap an earbud to activate the ANC, it’s like the world around you turns off. 

Whenever you find a minute to grab for yourself, you can turn that moment into a peaceful and restorative one with Mobi. 

Kid-Proof Durability

One reason that parents don’t get earbuds is that we can’t have nice things. Kids destroy everything! And they’re especially attracted to gadgets like phones, tablets, and headphones. 

Mobi mitigate that risk because they’re priced so well. And they’re super durable. Mobi have an IPX6 waterproof rating which means they can survive a hurricane, a sweaty gym sesh, a toddler’s mouth, and a shower. 

They’re also sealed, so debris can’t get lodged into buttons or cracks. That includes sand, dirt, and whatever your kid has on their fingers. 

One big perk is that the carrying case/charger is also fully waterproof and durable, so it can handle a bit of roughhousing too. 

A Longer Battery

I had a pair of earbuds before that I NEVER used. Why? Because they were always out of battery. When I charged them, they’d be dead in a couple of hours again. What’s the point of having wireless earbuds if they constantly need to be connected to a charging cable?

Mobi can go up to 10 hours per charge, and there are an additional 90 hours of charge in the carrying case. That means with one charge to the case (which only takes 2 hours), you’ll get 100 hours of playback. Even if you listen every day, you’ll only need to plug your charger in once every 6 weeks or so. 

Another innovative feature is that the case charges wirelessly if you have a Qi charging pad. Pretty cool!

Hands-Free Features

Moms never have enough hands, but with Mobi, you can do a lot more without them. Just summon your digital assistant directly from Mobi and you can access your device using voice commands.

You can call, text, surf the web, make reservations, and access your apps all hands-free. And, you won’t even need your phone on you. Mobi have a 30-foot wireless range, so if you’re in the kitchen, giving a bath, at the gym, or playing with the kids, you can leave your phone in a different room or your locker and still use all of its features.

You Deserve a Break with Mobi

You work hard. You NEVER catch a break. You haven’t been able to listen to anything but Baby Shark for years.

Yes, this is the reality of being a mom. But, you can fit a little escape in your schedule with Mobi Earbuds, if even for a minute! 

With Mobi, you can turn the volume of the world down to zero anytime you want. And you can enjoy your favorite music the way it was meant to be heard—clear and distraction-free. 

You deserve a break with Mobi. And now, you can take one guilt-free. Mobi are just $75, unlike other premium brands which will cost you hundreds. However, this price is only available for a few more days. Get your pair of Mobi Earbuds at this special early-bird discount here

Want to see more of what Mobi can do? Learn more and place your order at

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