Dressing For Your Personality Simplified


If there’s one thing that can change the way we feel about ourselves, it’s the way we dress. Have you noticed that when you dress like you mean business, you feel better and usually get more done? When you dress in lounge clothes, you tend to lounge around? That’s because our clothes can have a huge impact on our outlook and mood.

One of the best ways to always feel great in the clothes you wear is to dress for your personality. That’s when you really notice your outfits working, and that you’re feeling great most days. Here are some tips that will help you to dress for your personality without making things too complicated:

Always Dress In A Way That Makes You Feel Your Best

Make sure you always attempt to dress in a way that makes you feel your best. You shouldn’t dress to hide your figure – unless you really love the oversized clothing look. Dress to present yourself to the world the way you want to be seen by asking, Who do I want to be today? Document these moments with pictures. Always take pictures of yourself when you feel your best. Make a note of what you were wearing, doing, drinking, who you were with – these are the moments you should recreate.

So, who do you want to be today?

Dressing For Your Personality Simplified


Don’t Follow Trends

The last thing you should do is follow trends. The only way you should follow a trend is if you genuinely love it and think that it suits you. Never follow a trend for the sake of following a trend. Trends come and go super quickly. People who follow trends end up with outfits in their wardrobes that get worn once, never to be seen again.

Instead, invest in clothing regardless of what’s in style, purely for the fact that you love it. This is when you know you have your own individual style. You’ll wear your clothes more, save a ton of money, and never stress about having nothing to wear. People will admire you for your individual style too!

Show Off What You Like

Use your clothing as a fun way to show off what you like. You can check out GeckoShirts for personalized clothing that will help you to show off your loves and interests. Make sure you wear clothing based around your favorite colors and patterns too. When you match your clothing to your personality like this, you’ll feel awesome!

Be Bold And Take A Chance

We’ve all had moments where we really like the look of something but we don’t know whether you can pull something off. Just go for it! Life’s for the living, so be brave, take a chance, and wear the daring outfit. If you don’t end up liking it, you’ve learned a lesson about what works for you. At least you had fun in the process!  

Are you ready to start dressing for your personality? Forget what everyone else is wearing and just do you!

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