Causes Of Depression In Men


Men and women experience depression, but the symptoms and signs might not be the same. As much as the main sign of depression will be a strong feeling of sadness, men experience more anger compared to women. They are also more likely to engage in substance abuse and are more aggressive as a result of the depression.

Because of the signs and symptoms, men are less likely to get treatment for depression. They will also avoid the topic because there is a perceived notion of masculinity, which is not always right. Here are some of the main causes of depression among men.

Men And Depression

Depression is common among both men and women. According to statistics, 9% of men in the United States experience some form of depression on a daily basis. More than 30% experience depression in their lifetime. Understanding how depression affects different genders is crucial in order to get the right treatment.


It should be noted that the depression symptoms in men will be similar in both men and women. Some of the symptoms include:

  •       Appetite Changes
  •       Feeling empty, sad, low, guilty, and irritable
  •       Loss in the enjoyment of pleasurable activities
  •       Having problems with decision-making and concentration

There are some symptoms that are likely to affect men more than compared to women. This could be as a result of social factors, biochemical, hormonal, or genetic factors.

Behavioral Signs

The manifestation in behavior will be different in men. A good example is the use of alcohol and drugs to cope with depression is more common in men. Men are also likely to display anger attacks and risk-taking symptoms. Some of the behavioral changes among men will include:

  •       Drinking and taking drugs
  •       Avoiding social situations as much as possible
  •       Becoming controlling and manipulative in relationships
  •       Suicidal thoughts and attempts
  •       Engaging in risky behaviors like having unprotected sex with strangers

A good explanation for such behaviors is because men are trying to mask the depression. They will want to give justifications for their behavior. They’re likely to lash out because of the frustrations. Men that are suffering from depression are likely to lose interest in hobbies that were once a source of joy and fulfillment.

Emotional Signs

Men have a tendency to discuss physical symptoms more easily compared to emotional and mood changes. It should be noted that there is a close connection between the mind and the body. The health and functioning of one will affect the other. If you suspect that you could be suffering from depression, it is important that the doctor is aware of all the symptoms. Some of the emotional signs in men include:

  •       Irritability
  •       Frustration
  •       Anger
  •       Aggression

The differences in emotional responses could be as a result of society’s expectations. It is not uncommon for men not to want to display certain emotions. This will make it hard for them to get help when they’re suffering from depression.

Physical Signs

There are some physical signs of depression that will be hard to ignore. Some of the common symptoms include:

  •       Tiredness
  •       Headaches
  •       Tightness around the chest area
  •       Sleep problems
  •       Eating too much or too little
  •       Digestive problems

Some of the effects will be as a result of the depression. Depression is known to alter the norepinephrine and serotonin levels in the brain. The two are responsible for determining mood and pain.

Why Depression In Men Goes Undiagnosed

According to statistics, women are more likely to experience major depression compared to men. Men are unlikely to report depression cases and the figures are likely to be higher. Almost two-thirds of depression cases in the U.S. are not reported. There is also the issue of misdiagnosis of depression among men. Men will report the physical symptoms of depression only, and as such, it might be difficult for doctors to accurately determine the root cause of the problem.

When To See A Doctor

Depression will manifest itself over time. It will start mildly, however, the signs should never be ignored. A doctor should be able to help with the diagnosis and provide the right treatment. Make sure you’re getting the right provider if you’re looking for depression treatment Round Rock. There are different ways to treat depression. You can opt for medication or therapy depending on your particular condition and the severity of the depression. Along with the treatment, there are coping strategies that will need to be incorporated in your life. One change that will have an immediate effect is exercising regularly. You get to feel better about yourself, which is a boost when trying to fight depression.

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4 years ago

You’re right, many men can’t diagnose their depression or the cause of it. Most signs of depression are due to a bad sex life or problems with weight, work. In good men’s health centers like Florida Men’s Health you can always identify the exact diagnosis and prescribe treatment