Buying a Bathing Suit for Your Daughter – The All Important Tips


Whether she is getting ready to get her first swimming lesson, or you and your family are planning a trip to the beach, your daughter will probably want to wear a swimsuit. While separate occasions call for separate types of swimwear, there are a few tips that every parent should always keep in mind when shopping. These basically center around safety, comfort and even style, because your daughter won’t be wearing it happily if it isn’t stylish! Read on to properly understand how and why such details are so important.

Physical Comfort

How physically comfortable your daughter is in a swimsuit will depend on two things primarily and they are the fit and the material. If the fit is too close, the tightness will make her uncomfortable for obvious reasons, and may even cause rashes to develop on the sections of her skin where the fabric bunches in closer than it should have. If the material of the swimsuit is harsh in addition to being tight, then it will make the situation much worse and her trip to the beach or the pool will soon become an unhappy affair for her.

On the other hand, a bigger swimsuit will make it harder for her to swim or even move about. As you can see, when it comes to girls bikinis or swimsuits, the key is in choosing just the right size. Take her with you while buying or have the necessary measurements jotted down and ready before actually going out and buying the swimwear.

Sun Protection

While you will be putting sunscreen on exposed skin to protect your child from harmful UV rays, chances are that the portions covered by the swimwear will likely not receive the same treatment because the clothing is already there to provide the protection. However, not all swimsuits are properly equipped to protect your child’s sensitive skin from the sun, especially during long periods on the beach. This is why it’s always a good idea to make sure that whatever you are buying provides certified sun protection to your daughter. This advice is applicable to adults as well.


Parents often make the mistake of thinking that their young teenagers are too young to make style choices and will be okay with anything and everything that they decide for them. This is most definitely not true, especially if your daughter is entering her early teens. It is important to understand that she is not exactly a child anymore. She is technically still a child, but now she is starting to develop her own taste in fashion among other things. It is a part of growing up and it’s important for parents to reach a midway in-between what she wants and what you think is best for her.

Also, the pre-teen years are usually when children start to be aware of their weight, body type and looks. Since the swimsuit is one of the most revealing pieces of clothing a person can wear, the wrong style can make a child feel uncomfortable, insecure and vulnerable. This is one more reason as to why parents should only choose a swimsuit after consulting with their daughter. If you are purchasing a bathing suit for your daughter, it’s crucial to keep in mind important tips such as opting for conservative swimwear to ensure appropriate coverage.

Floatation Suits for Young Children

This tip is universally applicable to all young children below the age of five; if you are buying a swimsuit, consider a floatation suit instead of the traditional garment. A floatation suit will help to keep the child safe. Not only is this a practical safety measure, but it also provides the parents with some much needed mental peace, knowing that their children are safe in a pool, even when they lose sight of them for a few seconds.

Is It Appropriate?

Buying a swimsuit that’s appropriate for her age is an important point to keep in mind as well. Growing teenagers and preteens are influenced by the media more than previous generations ever were and as a result of that and peer pressure, she may want clothing inappropriate for her age and that’s where a parent needs to draw the line. It is important that what you buy for her looks like something that has been designed for a growing young girl and not a sensual supermodel at a beauty pageant.

Being a parent isn’t easy, as something seemingly as simple as choosing swimwear can become quite a serious task! However, we need to be careful and put in the extra effort here because we are the grownups, hard as it may be to be. The good news is that it’s going to be much easier, now that you know how and what to look for.

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