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What you need to know

EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale, this is basically a computer terminal with a POS software solution installed and a few modifications to add POS hardware. The modifications link the computer terminal to a cash register and a bar-code scanner. Cloud EPOS is a Software-as-a-Service; in this form of cloud computing, the POS software is deployed over the internet for use by the retailer. The retailers’ computer terminals are connected to the internet and through their browser or a made for a desktop application they are able to access the POS software. With advancements in cloud computing occurring constantly, this may end up as the standard solution for all retailers…

Benefits of cloud EPOS

1. Cost reduction

Cloud EPOS has no local installation which means there is no cost for acquisition of the software. The subscription fees charged for using the software may end up being lower than the cost of acquiring the software and the updated versions to the same.

2. Instant centralization of data

All the data generated by Cloud EPOS systems is automatically stored in the central cloud location. This automatically centralizes all the important data about a company. This can be useful for administrating the company and making the accounts of the retailers.

3. Cloud EPOS are versatile

Cloud EPOS software systems are versatile. They are designed to work with a wide range of hardware systems. Traditional EPOS software systems are specific to certain hardware, which usually means that upgrades in software render the hardware obsolete.

4. Cloud EPOS automatically link your points of sale up

Linking POS enables the employees to function from any terminal. This is because all they have to do is log in to the system from any networked terminal. Cloud EPOS have perfected this, enabling the cashier to work from any terminal connected to the system without much hassle.

5. Cloud EPOS enables mobile computing devices to function as POS systems

Cloud EPOS can be accessed from any system that has an internet connection. This means the user can connect to them from mobile devices where there is need to do so. This increases the adaptability of the retailer. This is because should energy be unavailable they can resort to the mobile devices they have at hand.

Cloud EPOS systems are the future of retail. By enabling the business to perform more efficiently at greatly reduced cost, they increase margins. The streamlining effect of employing this systems is an advantage every business should look into.

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