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I have two little girls that love everything magical. There is a large age difference between my children and it never seems to matter. Magic is something they believe in, and because of that I do too. I find magic in everyday places and what is better then Fairy Magic? NOTHING! I remember believing in fairies when I was a little girl. I believed they helped wounded animals and insects, helped flowers grow and even helped sick plants to get better. I believed they helped everything in nature, and apparently my daughters do too. I did not hesitate in making sure my girls got to experience some items from The Fairy Door Company, it has everything fairy and they really make it extra magical with he things they have available. 

I think at the top of my list is their Fairy Doors, such a cute and fun concept for families to enjoy. There are several unique options and it has a little bit of everything for everyone. We have the Irish Fairy Door Red Arched. It has a bit daisy on it, my favorite flower. This made our Fairy Door especially fitting for us, and I know you can find something your family will love too. 


  • Irish Fairy Door
  • Magic Key
  • Fairy/Family Lease Agreement
  • Stepping Stones
  • Fairy Notepad
  • Fairy Welcome Guide

Once you have figured out where you are going to put the door, you will leave the key out and go online to register your door. This lets the Fairy network know that you have a home available for a fairy. In the morning when the key is gone, you know a fairy has moved in. Your children can leave notes, gifts, drawing and things for your fairy and the fairy can do the same in return. It is a really fun concept to bring magic everyday to our kids. 

They even have fun accessories you can get your fairy, to put around their home. These doors can their items can go outside, I recommend sealing them first so that they stay looking beautiful longer. We got the Garden Set for our fairy, she loves to tend to our flowers and other plants, so it was fitting. Sometimes she leaves hoe in one of our potted plants and you know she has been taking great care of them. Keep in mind every fairy is different, they have their own personalities and creative ways. It makes so much fun for our family and my girls adore their fairy. 

Included in fairy size:

  • Bench
  • Potted fake flower
  • hoe
  • watering can

You can not see your fairy, because they will lose a little of their magic if you do. No one wants that, but if your kids are like mine they will want to give their fairy a hug. The fairy scientists have come up with a way to do just that! With the Fairy Friends you can now use the magic in them to give your fairy a hug! My youngest has Ali-May and gives her hugs daily, and she swears she can feel the warmth of her fairy hugging her back. She stands at 12 inches tall and is very soft with sparkly wings. She sleeps with my daughter and she takes her just about everywhere with her, and whenever she thinks of her fairy she gives it a giant hug. 

My oldest is a bit of a worry wart. If it can be worried about, she tends to worry. We have come up with creative ways to draw her attention away from being worried, but that does not always happen. When I heard of The Worry Plaque, I knew she needed to give it a go! We set it up near her room, since we knew she would use it more often then the rest of us. We explained that she puts her hand on the plaque and it glows red, and then once the fairies have heard your worries it glows green. Fairies will actually take your worries and grind them down to turn them into wishes. It lets her know that her worrying is okay, but to vie them to the fairies so they can grant wishes to someone who really needs one, and sometimes it may even be a wish granted for her. 

I find the magic The Fairy Door Company has brought to my home is without bounds. Once you have registered your fairy door you will get a weekly update on easy ways to keep the magic alive, and sometimes I do need it. I get dry out of ideas, but most the time it is really easy. My kids just love their fairy so much and it brings a smile and sometimes happy tears to my eyes to see so much magic in our lives. Both of my children are finding new ways to be creative and loving to each other and think of ways they can do something for their fairy, there are no words. I love seeing them disconnect from devices and enjoy times outdoors looking for pretty leaves or drawing/coloring pictures to put in front of their Fairy Door. 

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