4 Reasons Scent Fill Plugins Should Be the Number One Choice for Moms


I have always considered myself to be a health-conscious individual. I work out. I eat healthy. I try to buy organic when it’s reasonably priced. I try to keep my diet soda and red wine consumption at a reasonable level. (Hey, I’m still human, right?)

But nothing made me more aware of what products I was using than becoming a first-time mom.

Suddenly I was paying attention to the number of ingredients and the chemicals in sunscreen, avoiding insect repellent with DEET (a big deal in Florida, where mosquitos are the state bird), and taking notice of whether my air fresheners were actually safe.

According to the EPA1, air freshener contains four basic ingredients: formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, aerosol propellants, and p-dichlorobenzene. In fact, plugin refills only have to have 0.1% essential oil before they can claim that they are “made using essential oils.”

And yet, as a family with a dog, it was really important that my house not SMELL like we had a pet. I don’t want to have to bathe my Maltese with shampoo just to get rid of the smell.

That’s when I started looking for alternative solutions… and discovered Scent Fill. Check out my top four reasons why Scent Fill SHOULD be the number one choice for moms.

All Natural Ingredients

All of Scent Fill’s formulas are made with pure, all natural essential oils. All of the blends are made in the U.S., which allows the company to eliminate phthalates and reduce harsh chemicals.

On top of that, though, they are the first company to create plugins that are 100% all natural, which was a really big deal for this mom.

Universal Compatibility

Have you ever gone to the store, taken an impromptu trip down the fragrance aisle and then stood there, unable to remember which brand you owned?

Yeah, that’s me. Every. Single. Time.

What I love about Scent Fill is that their plugins are compatible with BOTH my Glade and Air Wick plugin warmers. Which means I don’t have to go out and buy YET ANOTHER plugin warmer. Finally, a plugin that’s universally compatible!

Convenience of Subscription

Plugin air fresheners are one of those things that you love in the beginning, but after your grow accustomed to smelling, you don’t notice as much.

The problem is that because you don’t notice the smell you often don’t notice that it goes away over time. And then, without realizing it, your plugin runs day and you’re left with nothing but a burnt wick.

What I love about Scent Fill is that I set up my subscription once and they send me my plugin refills on schedule each month. I can go in and adjust my subscription, swap out products or add new ones, and cancel at anytime.

However, as a mom, I’m a really big fan of the “set it and forget it.” Hey, it’s one less thing I need to remember to put on my shopping list.

Made in the US

And finally, I love that this Scent Fill plugins are made in the USA. I feel more confident about the safety of the product, knowing it was manufactured here. I also just am happy to be supporting a US-based company, as more and more manufacturing jobs seem to be going overseas.

So there you go, my top four reasons why I think that this product is so fantastic. As a busy mom who is also interested in the health of her family (which includes the quality of the air they are breathing), Scent Fill met all of my needs: convenience, natural ingredients and universal compatibility. I would encourage you to give them a try as well. I feel I can say with confidence that you’ll end up being a raving fan just like me.

Want to learn more about Scent Fill? You can visit the Scent Fill website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

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