Bridal bouquet trends in 2021


The bridal bouquet trends for 2021 are well known brides and sitters, because they are too crazy. Whether you already have it all in your head what your bridal bouquet should look like on the big day or whether you’re starting from scratch, a little extra inspiration never hurts, right?! Even if you, as a true fashionista, want to get ahead of things a bit, you should definitely read and see this article before you order the bridal bouquet. Ready for a little flower power? These are the bridal bouquet trends for 2021!

Bridal bouquet trends 2021

There are many different types of bridal bouquets, but what makes your bridal bouquet special? First of all, it really has to be your bridal bouquet! What do you like? Which colors appeal to you? What fits with the theme of your wedding? What suits you? If you have the answer to those questions and secretly want to go along with the latest trends, it is wise to take a look at this article!


Below we have listed the most important trends in bridal bouquets for 2021 for you! And while we are still in the midst of a pandemic at the time of writing this article, there is no reason to be gloomy about bridal bouquets! From dried flowers to lush bouquets and from grasses to seasonal creations, there will also be something for every bride-to-be in 2021 when it comes to her bridal bouquet! Get inspired!

Bridal bouquet trend 1 – Dried flowers

It probably won’t come as a surprise and you may have already spotted them in the image above: dried flowers are hot right now! Not only on coffee tables, but also at weddings. It is a trend that fits perfectly with a bohemian wedding, but even if your wedding has a classic or rustic theme, dried flowers are a match made in heaven!

Process them into a spectacular backdrop for the ceremony and combine dried flowers for your bridal bouquet with fresh flowers for a unique and playful effect! Also nice if you opt for a bouquet of dried flowers: ask the florist if he/she also wants to make a mini variant of your bridal bouquet, so that your partner can pin it as a corsage on his wedding suit!

You can buy these dried flowers at Blommor and order a Torkade blommor at Bloompost.

Bridal bouquet trend 2 – Natural shades

A trend that you will really see a lot more often this year is that of the natural tones in a bridal bouquet. Last year we spotted it every now and then, but you will see the blush, earth and rust colors more often this year! Especially at autumn and winter weddings, these bouquets will sell like hot cakes because of the darker colors, but are you organizing a wedding in the summer months and do you think this is crazy? Ask your florist for advice, maybe adjust the colors to slightly softer shades and go for it!

Bridal bouquet trend 3 – Bold

2020 was a bleak year for many brides due to COVID-19, but in 2021 this bridal bouquet trend is making up for it. The bouquet may be nice and colorful this year and colored flowers, we love that! It brings a lot of cheerfulness and where you would almost think that a trend with neutral tones and a trend with a lot of color cannot coexist in a wedding year, then you are wrong. If you are a bit more modest, then natural tones are really something for you, but if you are not afraid to hang the garlands yourself during your wedding, then we can only say: color it up and opt for a bold bridal bouquet!

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