Breath-Holding Basics: Teaching Your Child to Stay Safe in the Water


Swimming is a fun and healthy activity for children, but it’s important that they know how to stay safe in the water. One crucial skill for young swimmers is holding their breath underwater. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of breath-holding for children, provide tips for teaching them how to do it safely and effectively, share training exercises to improve their breath-holding skills, and emphasize the importance of swimming lessons in developing underwater abilities.

Is holding your breath underwater good?

Holding your breath underwater can be good for your overall health, as it helps to increase lung capacity, improve breathing patterns, and strengthen the respiratory muscles. Additionally, it can be a useful skill for swimmers, as it allows them to stay underwater for longer periods of time and execute certain swimming techniques.

What is the best way to hold your breath underwater?

The best way to hold your breath underwater is to take a deep breath and hold it in for as long as possible. When underwater, it is essential to remain calm, relax your body, and exhale slowly through your nose as you resurface. This technique will help prevent hyperventilation, which can lead to an underwater blackout, and provide you with enough oxygen to stay underwater for an extended period.

Training Exercises to Improve Your Child’s Breath-Holding Skills

To help your child improve their breath-holding skills, you can practice blowing bubbles underwater, have them retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool, or challenge them to see who can hold their breath the longest. These exercises can help build their lung capacity and increase their comfort and confidence in the water.

How to train to hold your breath longer

To train to hold your breath longer, you can start by practicing on land. Encourage your child to take a deep breath and hold it for as long as they can comfortably. Gradually increase the duration over time. Once they are comfortable holding their breath on land, you can move on to practicing in shallow water. Start by having them submerge their face in the water and blow bubbles while holding their breath. As they become more comfortable, increase the duration of their underwater submersion.

Practice Lung Exercises

Another great way to improve breath-holding skills is to practice lung exercises, such as holding your breath while sitting, standing, or lying down. It is important to remember that holding your breath for an extended period can be dangerous, and it is crucial to take breaks and never push beyond your comfort level.

When teaching a child to hold their breath underwater, safety should be a top priority. It is essential to supervise your child at all times and ensure that they are comfortable and confident before progressing to deeper water.

Finally, enrolling your child in swimming lessons can provide them with the necessary skills and techniques to hold their breath underwater safely. Professional instructors can teach them how to regulate their breathing, submerge, and resurface safely, and perform various swimming strokes and techniques.

The Importance of Swimming Lessons for Developing Underwater Skills

Swimming lessons can be a great way to help your child develop their underwater skills and overall swimming technique. Professional instructors can provide personalized guidance and feedback to help your child reach their full potential in the water. Additionally, swimming lessons offer a safe and supportive environment for children to learn and practice their swimming skills.


Teaching your child how to hold their breath underwater is an important aspect of their swimming development. By understanding the benefits of breath-holding, following safety guidelines, incorporating training exercises, and enrolling in swimming lessons, you can help your child become a confident and skilled swimmer who is safe and comfortable in the water.

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