Brand-New Halloween Fun with Peppa Pig! Activities Clip and Show!


Are you ready for Peppa Pig Fun?

I am so excited to be able to share some spook-tacular news with you: an exciting night of brand-new Peppa Pig fun is coming to Nick Jr. on Sunday, October 23! So get ready! Peppa is always so much fun for my granddaughter.  I know eventually she will outgrow Peppa but then I will just go to my great-niece or even my grandson.  No one is exempt from Peppa!

At 7pm ET, it’s time for a “Pumpkin Party” – and everyone is invited! In this very special extended story, guests will be coming dressed in scary costumes – Peppa is a witch, George is a dinosaur and Rebecca Rabbit is a carrot…gone bad! Viewers will also join Peppa on exciting new adventures that include participating in a pumpkin competition, taking a trip to a castle and more! Plus, Peppa will meet a new friend at playgroup, Gerald Giraffe!

Here’s a trailer for the upcoming Pumpkin Party “peppasode” below:

Now for the fun Activities!!

Peppa Pig Halloween Activities

 Halloween Activities

and some non-Halloween Activities for after Halloween is over!

Peppa Pig Tag Your It Activity

Peppa Pig’s ABC Tag You are It Activity

Peppa Pig Bedtime

Peppa Pig’s Bedtime Activity Pack

Peppa Pig's Granny's Pig Farm

Peppa Pig’s Granny’s Farm Activities


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