Best Ways to Keep Your Child Save on Internet!


The internet is a fantastic world to hang out. It’s a universe of information, knowledge, and depth. It gives you the platform to stay connected with your associates, relatives, and loved ones.  Sadly, the online web is a world full of threat and impending intricacies too, especially for the children.

Let’s face it:

Kidnappers, cyber bullies, stalkers, pedophiles, child rapists, drug mafia, human trafficking agents, and more are lurking – They’re seeking for an opportunity to get hold of their innocent minds to destroy them. If your kid undergoes such a drastic experience, it could damage the rest of his life.

Despite never-ending benefits, the online world is also a deadly place. Predators, malware, harmful content can put innocent kids in danger, and parents can get into a perpetual cycle of destruction and despair as they attempt to resist every threat their kids might encounter online.

Children are keen to go online at younger ages, as a parent it’s your responsibility to keep them safe during online activity. After all, you don’t want your children to meet strangers online, get contacted and encounter unexpected dangers which they are too young to handle. Much screen time is defective for your kids’ health as well. Hereunder are a few points to protect your kids from online exploitation:

  1. Parental Controls: Parental controls and filters are the indispensable elements of online safety. Children can unintentionally approach random and inappropriate content that is highly threatening – while they are busy watching something innocent online, and some other suggested material suddenly pop-ups on their phone or laptop screen it can be deadly. Some, K9 Web Protection is not only effective but comes free. In the same way, some internet service providers (ISP) offers free safety features – Spectrum internet from cable ISP proposes free Parental Control with its monthly bundled service. With the feature, you can easily block inappropriate websites and can monitor and detect the exact location of your kids – know more about the Parental Controls on the Charter’s authorized retailer’s website, i.e., my-cable-internet.

  1. Kid-Friendly Browser: All these threats should not keep you from letting your child approach the web entirely. Limit their access and allow them with all precautions. Approximately 98% of young kids every day online activity consists of playing games and doing the homework. However, it’s a complicated situation and it can be hard if you have no idea where to start. There are parental blocks and antivirus software to manage the web activity. The kid-friendly browsers and Spectrum internet browsing protection feature can help your kids browsing with complete safety.


  1. Set the Firm Rules: It is vital for you to set rules for your children. Always keep the computer in an open place, such as in the living room, kitchen or populated place in your house. Set a strict limit of screen time and internet usage. Never let them go online excessively.


  1. Security Suite: The central security tools are crucial too. Installing a firewall and antivirus software on PC, and also assuring that you’re using an updated version of the software is vital. Security Suite that comes free with Spectrum internet gives you and your child protection in emergency situations. It offers you email and browsing security.

  1. Change your Habits: Children imitate you. You also need to cut down the time you spend on the online. Use the web for good ambitions and beneficial motives. The kids will ultimately follow you.


  1. Be Aware: Always be a good observant of what your child does online. The problem starts when you are oblivious of it. Be mindful of your kids’ behavior. If you see minor changes in their behavior, detect the cause. They might be facing cyber-bullying or threatening messages, but they’d never let you know what they are going through online.


  1. Don’t Let Your Kids Alone: If your kid has started spending a lot of time alone, there might be something wrong going on without your knowledge. Always be open to your kids. Talk to them. Let them share every single moment of their life with you. Be a good listener. Never let them suffer in silence.


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