Best Snacks to Enjoy While Watching Baseball


Fans of baseball are devoted to watching their favorite teams whether they catch a game at the ballpark or on TV. There is no way to sit through nine innings without indulging a craving for sweet and salty snacks. Many snacks have become game day fan favorites because they make great finger foods to munch on while waiting for a team to score a home run. 

Chocolate Baseballs 

When you want to find a yummy snack that pays homage to the American baseball tradition look no further than chocolate baseballs. These are small rounds of solid milk chocolate that melt in your mouth. Each ball is covered meticulously with a white and red wrapper printed to look like a baseball. These are very cute and look cool sitting in a snack bowl.


Peanuts are a snack food that is traditionally sold at live baseball games. These days most people buy them at the concession stand or at the store. Peanut lovers have their choice of a wide variety of regular and roasted peanut flavors. Enjoy this crunchy salted snack dipped in honey, chocolate or hot spices. 

Spicy Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is an alternative to the hot dog. It is clear why jerky is so popular. You can easily carry it anywhere. It lasts a long time and has a deep, rich beef flavor mixed with unique spices. 

Chewing Gum

Many baseball players enjoy chewing gum and as do millions of fans. Chewing gum makes the perfect boredom reliever, because some innings are slow in action. Gum is also great for relieving tension when all four bases are loaded and there are two outs. Bubble gum and baseball never go out of style.


Popcorn is another ballpark classic snack. These fluffy corn kernels are enjoyed by all ages. A bag of popcorn is still pretty cheap and it makes a great light snack that doesn’t make you feel weighed down in calories. Butter popcorn is a top winner and adds on a few extra calories. But, who cares about that when it’s so good?

Cheese and Crackers

Baseball fans always appreciate any combination of cheese and crackers. You can enjoy the portable version with the little compartments that holds spreadable cheese in one and crackers in the other.

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