It’s That Time of Year: 6 Easy, Affordable Father’s Day Gift Ideas


In case you haven’t noticed, Father’s Day is fast approaching. Can the dads in your life — whoever they may be — count on you to come through this year?

Unlike certain holidays made to honor hardworking parents (ahem), Father’s Day needn’t be a major production. If you’ve left your Father’s Day shopping to the last minute, you’re certainly not alone.

Nor need you panic.

All you need to do is arrange on-time delivery for one or two of these quick, affordable Father’s Day gift ideas. You’ve got this, Mom.

  1. A Compact Coffee Grinder

Every dad wakes up on the wrong side of the bed from time to time. Help the dad in your life start his days off on the right foot — or bounce back from the early-morning blues — with a compact electric coffee grinder that unlocks the aroma and taste of the beans he so desperately needs to feel normal.

Who knows? Maybe he’ll repay the favor by splurging on fancier beans next time he’s at the grocery store. A girl can dream.

  1. A Quality Pomade That Stands the Test of Time

Not every guy is an expert hair stylist. The best you can expect from most is a quick comb-through, perhaps followed by a playful tousle.

It’s time to tell your man that tousling only does so much. A quality pomade that adds structure and whimsy to Dad’s hair — whether it’s still lush and silky or showing its age — is the perfect kick-off. Check out Faveable’s roundup of the best pomades for men for cost-effective ideas for (almost) any hair style and type.

  1. A Zesty Hot Sauce Kit

Take the guesswork (and food safety risk) out of Dad’s ad hoc home hot sauce factory with a complete make-it-yourself hot sauce kit. Bonus: you’ll have months’ of sauce on hand once he’s done.

  1. A Complete Grill Tools Set

Cliche? Perhaps, but definitely welcome. Wow Dad this Father’s Day with a complete set of durable grill tools. For a truly timeless look, go for finished wood and stainless steel — nothing fancy, just everything your grillmaster needs to practice his craft.

  1. Matching Father-Child Tees or Sweatshirts

If you’re not satisfied with the corny pre-selected options, take five minutes to customize your own father-son or father-daughter tops. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your own creativity and your willingness to embarrass the man in your life.

  1. A Better Toiletry Bag

Does that crusty, sticky toiletry bag really have another flight in it? Does it even deserve to accompany Dad on his next trip? Spring for a compact, padded toiletry bag with ample internal organization and soft sides for easy packing.

Keep It Low-Key This Father’s Day

For better or worse, most dads don’t like to make a big deal out of Father’s Day. Even if you’re secretly happy that they’re all too happy to keep Mother’s Day front and center, you’d be remiss not to honor their contributions in some way (provided they’ve done anything at all to deserve said honor, of course). These six low-key gifts offer the perfect solution: simple, elegant, practical tokens of your appreciation for the dads in your life.

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