Best Equips for Your Gaming Laptop


Laptops currently are fully customizable for the most part. They offer a plethora of features. Long gone are the days when they used to be bought for tasks using Microsoft Office. Of course, that is still a big feature of them but what is even more, is their versatility to be used like a phone and played games on. Since gaming and streaming are such a big part of our lives moving forward thanks to apps like Twitch and YouTube, gamers are constantly on the lookout for a laptop that can support not only their daily work but also their gaming cravings. We’re here today to provide the best quips to satiate your gaming needs. 

Of course, with gaming and/or streaming you’d need a stable and fast internet connection that keeps you well-connected with your online activity. Get the best deals for your gaming with CenturyLink Internet deals that ensure not just a brilliant connection but also blazing-fast speeds that have you ranking #1 consistently and keeping up with your teammates at the same time. Now, without further ado, head on down below to check out our best picks to amplify your gaming experience.

A Sturdy Stand

The importance of a stand is often overlooked because of its subtlety. Not only does it help you physically but also provides a great productivity boost to your workflow. We often game for hours on end and we don’t realize the posture we sit in is not always the greatest. Having a slouched back due to gaming can have negative long-term and short-term implications. 

Chronic back pain is no joke and one of our saviors can be an investment in a good stand. What the stand essentially does is that it provides a better viewing angle for our eyes and brings the laptop up to a height where we won’t have to slouch in order to clearly see what’s going on, on the screen. Portability is a nice cherry on top. 

Gaming Mouse

This is a no-brainer. You need a gaming mouse if you’re going to game. And having a good, economical one will likely be your choice. For this, we suggest going with a Razer or a Logitech. Both companies are known for providing the best gaming mice on the market. Why? Because of their low latency, amazing battery life (the Razer Mamba can go up to 50 hours on a single charge), and comfort. 

Ergonomics also plays a huge part in choosing a gaming mouse. Razer takes special care of this by lining its mice with rubber grips and special curves on the side to help your hand placement feel natural and comfortable. Go ahead and invest in a comfortable mouse, not an expensive one. 

Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Again, just like the mouse, a keyboard is essential for gaming. However, when you’re gaming on a laptop you probably wouldn’t be inclined too much to invest in a gaming keyboard. Think of it like this though, you would rather opt for driving a sand buggy in the desert rather than a Mercedes. The same can be applied here. We’d recommend the same companies as listed above; Razer and Logitech are absolute beasts in this game and will provide value-for-money products every time. 

Try out their keyboards which come with comfort and function in mind. They also have swappable keys, RGB lighting, and palm pads on them so you can enjoy the aesthetics too. Mechanical keyboards are incredibly satisfying to use as a gamer as well. Pushing the limit while driving a car or gunning down your enemy while enjoying the clickety feel on your keyboard is the best.

External HDD

Let’s be honest here, you probably don’t want your gaming gallery to take up the entirety of your laptop’s memory. That’d result in your machine slowing down to a gnarly extent and it could also have some pretty adverse effects on your gaming experience. Invest in an external drive, which you could then use to store your data, business or gaming related. 

We’d advise keeping all your important files on there so they don’t run the risk of getting corrupted or deleted. A hard drive will always come in handy. Especially when you are switching laptops or you need to shift around data and make space. 


Laptops are portable. This means gaming on the go. This also means that we can take them wherever we want and try our luck with gaming in different environments. Sometimes, during our gaming sessions, we tend to keep some liquid close by to keep ourselves refreshed and hydrated and in our absent-mindedness or rage, that same liquid could come spilling on our machine. You don’t want that do you? Therefore, it’s best to spend a little on waterproofing your laptop in order to stop worrying about water damage. 


And that’s a wrap on our best picks for your gaming laptop. Waterproofing may be quite an unorthodox point in here but we believe the safety of your laptop is as important as the experience of it. So keep yourself and your machine safe as you get ready for the next ranked match.

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