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As a parent, you want your child to enjoy their times, as well as gain new skills. Nowadays most children are confined by the technology surrounding them. Although it is great, it makes children get more disassociated with the world around them which might cause delayed development in various skills. On the other hand, activities that require the child to not only work with others but also gives him skills are what all parents strive to find

A marble run track set is fun for everyone in the family whether they are children or teens. This brilliant toy has many indirect benefits to your child’s mental processes and plants in your child personality traits that he or she will need throughout their lives.

1. Builds self-esteem

When a child builds something with their hands, they gain self-confidence in their abilities. After building a marble run track and using the marbles to test it out, a child will get a sense of accomplishment that they need to build up their confidence in themselves and their ability and self-esteem. This is especially noticeable for children who are six to eight years old because that is when they start needing assurance and validation for their skills and abilities. This sense of confidence will be useful to your child when they grow up. People who are confident in their abilities tend to be more successful in their lives over all.

2. Encourages creativity

Marble run tracks encourage people to be more creative and use their imagination to build their own track. The track sets do come with instructions that can be useful if you want to build an exact replica. If your goal is to be creative, however, you can use your imagination to create a fully functioning and unique track. Just like building blocks promote your child’s creativity to build structures, this track also helps with increasing the capability of your child’s creative mindset. You can also stretch your own creative muscles and help your child build an exceptional marble track that is complex.

3. Promotes teamwork and collaboration

One of the main benefits of marble run tracks is that it promotes teamwork between the children playing with it. This is due to the fact that when building a track for marbles, having two or more people splitting the parts to be built will make the process go much faster; thus making the children feel a sense of accomplishment as well as have more fun because they are interacting with each other. This skill is a very important one to have because throughout their entire lives, your children will have to deal with situations where they need to work with other people, whether at school or their work in the future. Building this skill from a young age using games that promote teamwork will make their lives much easier in the future.

4. Engages children

As a parent you might want to have your child be distracted with something while you have some time to relax or if you want to focus on a certain task. This toy fully engages your child by the multitude of different colors, shapes and functions of the pieces that they will use to create their marble track. Even after they are finished with building their track, your child will be engaged with how the different marbles go through the track for a pretty long time. This will free you to do whatever you want while also making sure that your child is doing something productive that will benefit him.

5. Helps with cognitive skills

Marble run track construction helps your child practice and gain better cognitive skills. These marble run track sets require your child to use their minds in a logical way to find which pieces fit together and what to do to get the track to work without the marble stopping in the middle of the track. They also help your child to compartmentalize tasks so that they can reach their goals in a logical and fast manner. These skills are going to be useful to them during their school years because most academics depend on good cognitive skills.

6. Improves motor skills

Not only do these tracks improve your child’s mental capabilities, but they also help children with hand-eye coordination that is important to have. The pieces that are assembled to create a marble run track is need careful but sure hands to ensure that the track will not fall apart at any point during the marble run. When a child is at a younger age, they do not have great motor skills, however this kind of toys helps your child gain these skills at a faster rate. Hand-eye coordination is required if you want your child to play sports or simply be able to use a pen or pencil to write in school.

7. Teaches problem-solving

Marble tracks teach your child how to solve problems by thinking about how to approach them from various angles. A marble run track is basically a giant puzzle that has to be put together to create a track for your marbles to run through. To solve this puzzle your child will learn to be organized about what the pieces look like and how to sort them. Your child will also learn how to use trial and error to find the best possible assembly for the track. This will also add to his self-confidence when he or she has the finalized project in front of them.

8. Improves memory and recall

One of the many ways to use a marble run track set is to help train your child to have a better memory for recalling different things. This can be done by showing your child an illustration of the finished product and then asking them to rebuild it from memory. This will be a beneficial exercise for your child’s mental skills. It will urge your child to look at the details as well as remember them, which will help them in the future in studying as well as make them become detail-oriented. This teaches the child how to gather the data presented, store it in his or her mind then retrieving the data for use at a later time.

9. Encourages goal-setting

Getting a marble run track set for your child to play with will teach them how to set short term and long term goals to get what they aim for. This is done through the child first assembling separate parts of the track then finally putting it all together to form one cohesive track for the marbles. Having these toys will help your child set goals and objectives for important things in life as well as be organized enough to reach what they aim for.

10. Improves focus and concentration

A prominent effect this toy will have on your children is an increase in their capability to concentrate on a certain task. Having such toys throughout their childhood will prolong the time that they can focus on a certain task. This will effectively make them able to focus more when they are in school where they will be required to focus on subjects they take for long periods of time. This also gives them the ability to reach their goals faster because of how focused they will be. Improving the focus, your children is a great effect that building the track for the marbles will have on him or her.

11. Teaches perseverance and fosters patience

Two skills that your child will need through his years of living are perseverance and patience. These two are needed because they are the basic traits for people who want to succeed. In other terms, your child will learn how to stick to a project until the end even if it proves to be difficult to manage. Patience is something many children lack, they usually want their demands to be met immediately or else they will throw a tantrum, teaching your child how to be patient and to go after what he wants without giving up easily will make your job as a parent easier to handle.

12. Gives a sense of responsibility

You can use the toy to give your children a sense of responsibility by assigning tasks for them to do as well as giving them duties such as being the keeper of the marbles or the distributor of the pieces. This gives them a high sense of responsibility and at the same time will make it easier to keep an eye on the small pieces so that they do not get lost or worse; be a danger to your children. Appointing a “project manager” so that the work goes smoothly will teach your kids to handle the responsibility of leadership as well as encourage them to be more confident in taking the lead.

13. Helps with math skills

Math skills such as adding or subtracting can be taught to your children using this toy. That way you can maintain their interest in learning new information and math skills while at the same time having fun building a track. You can do this by building towers and counting how many pieces makes one taller than the other, or you can give them tasks like finding and counting all the blue pieces, etc. if your child is very young, you can sort the building pieces by color or shape to teach them sorting and color differences.

14. Gives sense of gratification and reward

This game gives your child the validation they need to have confidence in their abilities. By receiving the visual reward of watching the marbles go through the track after spending an amount of time building the whole structure, your child will appreciate the fact that their hard work led them to something tangible they can see. This sense of gratification urges your child to be more adventurous as well as satisfied with working to achieve something that although might take time, is going to have great results.

15. Helps with spatial skills

Spatial skills are the skills needed to build any kind of structure. These skills include estimating the space needed for the structure, what the product looks like when it is done, as well as adapting your plans to accommodate any type of change that could occur. It also includes knowing the logistics of how many pieces and space you actually have to build your object and the steps required to reach the finished look. These skills are very helpful for children during their years in school when they study science. It will also help them if they are interested in building and constructing structures. Assembling marble run tracks will help your children gain these necessary skills.

16. Following instructions

A very basic skill that buying this special toy will give your kid is the skill of following instructions. The marble run track set includes a very detailed instruction manual with illustrations for the steps required to build the tracks that the toy makers recommend. If your child follows these instructions carefully, they will end up with a picture perfect marble run track that will impress them. However, if they do not follow the instructions, they risk ending up with a track that does not work properly. This teaches the children the importance of instructions and how it is essential to carefully read all instructions before undertaking a project.

Marble run tracks: Educational and Fun

Marble run tracks have two great features going for them. The first is that they are very educational to the children who play with them. Second and more important is that they are a fun and productive way for people to pass their time. Whether it is being built alone or with a group of people you are sure to have a blast when you see those marbles going through the track you built with your own hands. They are the perfect toy to build your children’s skills indirectly. Motor skills are refined and it really helps in building focus and curiosity as well.

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