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By: Marlon Powell

If you are a mother, whether of toddlers or teenagers you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. Taking care of kids is not an easy job. The tantrums are hard to control and giving them a good education is necessary. Along with all these, if you have to worry about being in debt then life becomes quite difficult for you. Although debt consolidation can help you get out of the multiple debts on credit cards faster, it is advisable that you practice habits that can help you save your finances. Here are a few ways in which you can reduce the expenditure that goes behind bringing your kids up.

  1. Pack brown paper lunch – Right from play school, to college years, your kids would go to education institutes to gain knowledge and set up a career. All throughout this long span of time, try providing them brown paper packed lunch from home. This has multiple advantages. Firstly, you won’t need to give them money to buy lunch from outside which can reduce your monthly cost considerably. Secondly your kids would get much healthier food when you provide them food like salads, sandwiches and fruits from home.

  1. Build a fund for higher education – Every mother dreams of giving their kids proper education. You wouldn’t want them to not go to the best of colleges due to lack of funds. Although education loans are available, it is not feasible to take out an education loan of a large amount. Thus you can start saving money every month, right from the time your kid is a toddler in a savings fund which can provide a substantial amount of money for your child’s higher education.

  1. Dress your child smartly – It is difficult to not buy your child something when he or she throws a tantrum. If you especially have a girl child then you have to tend to her requests of getting new clothes for her. In such cases you can create an illusion of having different dresses. Buy your girl child some tops of few basic colors and jackets and scarves of different contrasting colors. You can make her wear different combinations of these so that she will think she has a whole new range of things to wear!

  1. Inculcate good financial habits in your kids – Once your kids are growing up and starting to understand the use of money, give them pocket money each month and tell them that they have to keep the expenditure of the entire month within that amount. This will teach them the value of goods and money and how to use it judiciously.

The above suggestions can help you keep your finances under control and be debt free.

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