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While you want to choose a hotel to stay at that is going to provide you with the amenities, comfort, service and price that best suits your needs, you also want to consider the location of your hotel for your stay. You want to select a hotel that keeps you near to the places you plan to go the most, whether you are there for work reasons or for a leisure trip with family or friends. If you are planning to travel to London you may want to consider staying in the Earls Court area in Kensington so you can be near to great attractions, your office, fine dining and shopping and much more. Here are just a few of the great things to do near Hotel Lily in Earls Court during your stay.

  • Chelsea FC – For those that are sports fans, having the opportunity to see the Chelsea Football Club in action can be a real treat. The stadium grounds are under a mile away from the Hotel Lily so you can get your tickets to the game and head over without worrying about finding a place to park. You can also go over and get a tour of the stadium or visit the museum on the grounds to learn more about the team. It can be a lot of fun for both kids and adults.


  • Victoria and Albert Museum – Perhaps a museum that is a bit lesser known but one that is certainly worth taking the time to visit, the Victoria and Albert museum has a very impressive collection of different exhibits. The admission to museum is free and you can take the time to see great works and exhibits and enjoy a meal in the restaurant on site.


  • Natural History Museum – Another great cultural experience that is right in the area, the Natural History Museum is just over a mile away from the hotel. The building itself is a great piece of architecture and the exhibits can give you a detailed history of many different countries, civilizations and species.


  • Royal Albert Hall – Royal Albert Hall is a true landmark in London and considered one of the best entertainment venues in the world today. You can get the opportunity to see different plays and musicals, concerts from all genres of music and much more. The hall is located a bit over a mile from the hotel so you can get there quickly and easily.

There are many great things to see and do in the Kensington area of London where the Hotel Lily is located. Best of all, when you are looking at budget hotels in Earls Court the Hotel Lily is going to provide you with a very comfortable place to stay at one of the best prices in the region. You can get the opportunity to see all of the local sights and attractions and have easy access to public transportation to go all over London, making this location an ideal one for everyone.

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