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The Reliable Steamboy 200CU is the perfect item for my daughter’s dorm room.  It steams all of the dirt off of the floor, without skipping a beat.  Her friends all love that her mom is “Super Cool”, and got her all these fun gadgets for her first year of College.

Sarah is in only her Freshman year at her current College, but loves that she’s made so many friends.  Her friends all love checking out the cool things in her room, and the Steamboy 200 CU is no exception.  They all ask to use it to clean their dorms.  Even though it’s cleaned an entire floor of dorms, it’s still going without skipping a beat.  Sarah loves that her friends love her, even if it’s because of a select few items that she has.  She knows by next year they will have their parents get them their own Steamboy, especially at the great price it’s being offered for.  They will love her anyway.

reliable steamboy

Since the only ingredient needed to use the Steamboy 200CU is water, cleaning your entire home has never been healthier, safer or more cost-effective.

Reliable Brand has a lot of great products.  Take a look at their site to see all the great deals you can find. 

Steam is a great, effective way of removing dirt and killing bacteria and germs naturally. Steamboy delivers 245º F steam to floor and carpet surfaces, sanitizing as it cleans. Now you can say goodbye to expensive and potentially harmful chemicals.

These products are super easy to use, and you will love every one of them.


• Powerful 1500W heating element
• 11” cleaning path with swivel head
• 2.4 cup water capacity
• 25 minutes continuous steam
• Ergonomically designed handle
• 21’ electrical cord with wrap around feature
• 2 microfiber cloth pads, 1 replaceable water filter

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


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