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3aThe kids are heading back to school soon. That means new shoes for everyone. Shoe buying can be a hard job, especially when you have smaller children. They don’t really tell you if the shoes is too tight or too big. If they like the design of the shoe, that’s all they care about. The same goes for when they have had their shoes for too long. If they love their shoes they will wait until their feet are hurting to tell you the shoes are to small for them. Of course  you also have to make sure that the shoe will make it through the wear and tear of a small child. Even when I spend good money on a nice pair of shoes, my 6-year-old son needs a new pair ever 6 months. If I buy the cheap shoes it’s every 2 months! With 4 kids to buy for its important to me that I get shoes that one fit and two are high quality. 

KidOFit is an amazing brand of children shoes that not only look great(this is very important for the kids) but are high quality. The best part about these shoes is they have clear bottoms. Yup, you read that right. Clear soles so that you can see little kids toes and make sure that the shoes they are in are a perfect fit! This aids in promoting healthy foot development in infants and toddlers. The back of the shoe has an adjustable strap that really helps the fit of the shoe even more. KidOFit shoes really hit every possible point for making sure your children have the best fit. 


  • CLEAR VIEW OF TOES – Transparent soles offer a clear view of the child′s toes, enabling to check how the foot is positioned inside the shoe, and when it′s time for a larger size.

  • ADJUSTABLE FIT – Elastic collar stretches around the heel, and conforms to the individual′s foot width. The supple construction provides soft contact with the foot for maximum comfort.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Flexible and soft shoe design allows the foot to move naturally and as close as it gets to barefoot walking. Soft, foam-padded interior enhances comfort and protection.

  • BAREFOOT COMFORT – KidOFit Zero-Drop, soft soles mimic barefoot walking, and promote the development of bones and muscles in infants and toddlers.

  • CUSTOMIZED FIT – A Heel-Strap along with an elastic collar enable to adjust the grip around the heel, offering a precise fit, and eliminating slippage.

  • ANATOMICAL SHAPE – Wide, roomy Toe-Box offers a comfortable fit and extra space for toe movement. The wide base of the shoe enhances stability and walking confidence.

  • EASY ON AND OFF – KidOFit shoes are constructed with a wide opening at the tongue area, enabling the foot to easily enter the shoe without having to squeeze the toes.

  • FITTING INSERTS – A set of fitting inserts is available to reduce the space inside the shoe when the fit is too loose. As the foot grows, the inserts can be removed, extending the useful life of the shoe.

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