Are Vinyl Floors the Best Option for Kids?


As a concerned mother, you want the best for your child. From a healthy diet and good school to safe toys and enriching activities, making the right choices matters. However, one aspect you likely haven’t considered is whether your child’s nursery or bedroom has the right flooring to keep them safe and stand up to the rigors of childhood play. Vinyl could be your answer to both of these issues.

Why vinyl is a great choice for children’s rooms

The factors that affect a mother’s choice of flooring are safety, durability, and ease of cleaning. Options like cork and hardwood may be useful, but they won’t stand up to the rigors of early childhood without curbing your child’s development.

If you’re mom to a child under the age of 10, these are the years that kids will spend a lot of time playing on the floor. From the first crawl of your toddler, to the creative escape of your pre-tween, it’s important to nurture a space that’s safe for them. Ideally, it should be easy to move along, and the surface should either be cheap and easy to replace, or very resilient to wear-and-tear.

Vinyl flooring does all of this and more. With a high-quality underlayment for vinyl flooring, you create a soft, impact-absorbing surface that will keep your child safe, while lessening the chance of friction burns, no matter how vigorous their playstyle. This type of flooring is easy to sweep or vacuum, and even easier to clean for hygiene purposes. Best of all, if there’s a spill or accident, staining is highly unlikely. It won’t absorb moisture, and damage control is a breeze. It’s even warm to the touch in winter and feels good on mischievous bare feet.

Will vinyl look ugly in my home?

High quality, modern vinyl floors come in a range of gorgeous colors, so forget the garish 1970s specials you may remember from granny’s house. From realistic wood mimics to floors you’d swear were tile, you’ll be sure to find a vinyl option that matches your home and your child’s unique personality. New, high-quality vinyl floors are low in VOCs even directly after installation, too, cutting down on any unpleasant smells. Most are phthalate-free as well.

Modern vinyl can look so good that you’ll probably be surprised by the price tag, which is usually pretty cheap. This also means you’ll be able to change it as your child grows and develops their own taste, and you’ll be able to quickly rip out the old installation and put something else down when you need to. There’s no complicated installation here, and it can be a good choice for rentals for this very reason.

From nursery to teenage den, vinyl can be a surprisingly solid choice for children’s bedrooms. Offering the very best in practicality, but also some trendy designs and good looks, it could well be the home improvement secret smart moms are looking for.

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