Always the One Behind the Camera? How to Get Comfortable With Appearing in Family Photos


If you always find yourself behind the camera because you don’t feel comfortable appearing in family photos, you should consider changing your ways. In years to come, you might regret looking back at photographs of the family and noticing you were rarely present. And your loved ones are sure to want photos that include you.

Whatever reason you have for feeling uncomfortable when having your picture taken, there are several things you can do to feel more confident and at ease. Here are some ideas you’ll want to consider.

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Practice Positive Thinking and Relaxation Techniques

By changing your attitude and taking control of your feelings, you can soon feel much more comfortable when it’s time to have the family portrait taken. Sure, it can take time to master your feelings, but with positive thinking, you can get there.

Try relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation, and also think about why you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera to help you move forward.

And when you’re more relaxed during a photoshoot, you’ll have less tension in your shoulders and your face will look more natural, which means you can appear much more at ease in the family photo.

Choose a Professional Photographer Who You Feel Comfortable with

Impromptu family photos can cause some people to tense up and feel uncomfortable. So, instead of taking family snapshots among yourselves, consider getting family photographs taken by a professional photographer.

The best photographers know expert ways of making people feel relaxed during photoshoots. And by having a designated time for your family photo to be taken, you can better mentally prepare yourself. 

Use Light Image Editing Tools, e.g. Wrinkle Remover

People are uncomfortable in photos for different reasons. If you’re mainly concerned about your appearance, you could feel much more comfortable having your photo taken when you know you can easily use light imaging tools like wrinkle removers to improve your appearance in the final photo you have and share.

When you remove wrinkles from a photo, you can always look your best. And there are plenty of other touch-up tools you can use in tandem with wrinkle removers to enhance your look. For instance, you could use tools to even out skin tones, remove blemishes, and reduce fine lines. 

Practice Smiles and Poses

Again, if appearance is something that worries you and makes you feel discomfort during family photoshoots, then practice your smile in the mirror. Furthermore, you can practice poses in the mirror before you shoot, too.

By doing so, you’ll be happy that you’re being photographed in a certain pose with a good-looking smile on your face, and, therefore, you’ll be happier appearing in your family shoot.

Different poses can also help you to look slimmer or more muscular. For example, to look slimmer, you can put your weight on your back leg and place your front leg forward.

Here are some other ways to appear thinner in photos. And to look more muscular, you could simply bend your torso slightly forward and tense your biceps. Alternatively, you could work out to actually gain more muscle.

Try out lots of different poses and smiles in your own time, so you’re ready when the next family photoshoot comes around. 

Wear Clothing That You Feel Comfortable in

People are always more confident when they wear clothes that they feel comfortable in and which they know look good. So, often, all you need to do to feel more comfortable in family photographs is pick the right outfit.

When you wear a style that you like and is flattering to your body, you’ll naturally feel more confident and comfortable.

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