10 Reasons Why Yoga is Amazing for Moms


It is safe to say that everyone can benefit from yoga, especially new moms that have just entered one of the most wonderful, but also most challenging chapters of their lives.

After nine months of labor comes the shock of the birth-giving process, followed by months of disrupted sleep schedule. The main reason why every mother should start practicing yoga is to preserve their sanity, but today we will list ten other reasons why yoga is amazing for moms, starting with:

1. Parenting & Yoga go Hand in Hand

It may several months before you realize that you could do anything else than simply sit idly next to your baby’s cradle, waiting for the toddler to either start or stop screaming. In these downtimes, you can practice yoga poses, or at least read more about them. You will be right next to your child should it ‘call’ for you, and you will be actively working on improving your health and mood.

2. Yoga is Simple

Many mothers realize pretty quickly that some of their favorite hobbies are now either too physically demanding or mentally exhausting. Although certain poses are fairly challenging, especially handstands, the basic yoga poses are remarkably simple and intuitive, making them perfect for new moms.

The warrior poses, mountain pose, as well as cat pose are fundamental poses and take minimal effort to learn. By the time your child starts teething and crawling, you will be able to master them and effortlessly practice yoga even when your daily chores become more difficult.

3. You can Practice Yoga from a Chair

After giving birth, mothers are advised to take small steps and rest as much as possible. This is especially true for moms who underwent Caesarian section surgeries, as their wounds may open if they strain themselves excessively. Given that recovery usually takes months, many mothers avoid any kind of physical activity. That’s where Chair Yoga comes into play.

Essentially, the main yoga poses can be practiced from a seated position, or while supporting oneself with a chair. The basic methods remain the same while the extra support alleviates the pressure from the abdomen (umbilical region and hypogastrium).

4. Establish a Deeper Connection with Your Child

Yoga promotes self-empowerment in a variety of ways. Self-reliance, stability, and a calm mind are just some of its main benefits, but it also promotes patience. Through reflection and self-discovery, moms who practice yoga are more likely to step into the little shoes of their toddlers, shifting their focus on their needs and feelings instead of the stress caused by constant noise.

With an open mind and a calm, soothing presence, yoga practitioners typically have a deeper understanding of their child’s needs (and tantrums) while being more likely to painlessly endure the almost inevitable shock of sleep deprivation and an abundance of new chores.

5. Yoga Slows Your Time

Time flows differently for parents, including both dads and moms. As mentioned earlier, there are many new activities and tasks that need to be done, including taking frequent trips for doctor check-ups and spending more time with family members who can’t get enough of the newborn baby.

Dads also need to support moms that may be unable to cook, clean, or go grocery shopping; at the same time, moms need to rest more than usual, tend to their well-being, and most importantly, tend to their children.

You can regain your ‘healthy’ perception of time by practicing yoga – it won’t slow down time itself, but you’ll be more composed, patient, and productive.

6. Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Sleeping when tired is a luxury only some moms can afford. Many mothers are facing severe burnout while trying to cradle their babies to sleep, being able to sleep themselves only after their child is well-fed, entertained, and willing to remain still for a few hours.

According to certain studies, yoga practitioners are more likely to ignore sleep disturbances and insomnia. Further research has shown that various breathing exercises and meditations are capable of improving the long-term quality of sleep as well.

7. Destress and Decompress

It’s safe to say that parents experience considerably higher levels of stress in comparison to non-parents. As established, the lack of sleep paired with a heap of heavy responsibilities is something that many find hard to digest and get accustomed to.

On a physical level, stress builds up in various body areas, particularly the shoulders or neck. With Yoga exercises, you can destress and decompress, as well as boost your resistance to further stress triggers. Aside from physical exercises, numerous breathing techniques in yoga were meant to help with these issues too.

8. Cope with the Challenges a Growing Baby Can Set

Although many moms would say they enjoyed every second of their child’s upbringing, it can be argued that there’s little fun to be had while tending to a teething toddler or a baby with its first fever. The main concern many parents have is that challenges tend to grow along with babies, leaving even less room to actually enjoy the process.

Most yoga practitioners impart that meditations and exercises linked to this hobby have helped them find their center. In simpler terms, yoga can help moms cope with new challenges, regardless of their difficulty with a clearer, more focused mind and a relaxed body.

9. Raise Your Energy Levels

It could be said that raising a child wouldn’t be as difficult were it not for the inevitable exhaustion that is bound to kick in at some point. Various yoga poses were meant to raise energy levels, with the most notable being the infamous plank, full wheel, and the tree pose.

10. Set a Good Example

If you stick with Yoga as your child grows, it will set a good example your boy or girl can follow. This is possibly one of the biggest reasons why approaching yoga is so great for moms, as it will familiarize younger generations entering the digital world with healthy habits and traditions.


There are dozens of reasons why yoga is great for everyone, so we’ve selected the ten most notable ones for moms, regardless of age and fitness level. We hope that you’ve gained a deeper understanding of how yoga can benefit your physical and mental health, and encourage a more positive upbringing for your child. Make sure you are staying safe in these times we are all going through and have a good one, guys!

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