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When you look at the human body, your feet do the most work and they have a lot of demands placed on them. Your feet provide you with a stable foundation so that you can move for multiple hours during the day and even stay upright. However, with such constant use, it’s not uncommon to experience sharp foot pain. This discomfort can arise from various causes, such as plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, or even ill-fitting shoes. Symptoms might include a stabbing sensation, swelling, or redness. To alleviate sharp foot pain, it’s essential to identify the root cause. Solutions can range from wearing orthopedic shoes, engaging in foot exercises, to seeking medical intervention for more severe conditions. Regular foot care and being attentive to any changes can help prevent and manage such pain effectively. So, when it comes to footwear, orthopedic footwear gives your feet the support they require to function well. Orthopedic footwear such as Arcopedico, has numerous benefits not only for your feet but your entire body. We will now dive into the four main benefits of using these types of shoes daily. 

Improved Support For Your Feet

The good thing about orthopedic footwear is that they are specially designed to have great support for the muscles and bones of your feet. These shoes are actually raised and have a very stable base which means that the pressure exerted on them via your feet would be dispersed. In particular, Z-Coil footwear contains an orthopedic sole that is meant to provide high levels of support to the ligaments within your feet. In particular, the plantar ligaments usually move and twist when pressure is placed on them which results in fatigue and even heel spurs. However, when you wear orthopedic shoes over time, they will become contoured with the shape of your feet and the shape of your bones. The heels of these shoes will also be spring heels which will reduce the level of impact whenever you need to walk on hard surfaces. When compared to typical running or walking shoes, orthopedic shoes reduce impact by as much as 50%. The spring heel helps to provide a buffer between the ground and your feet which feels as though you’re walking on a much softer surface. Simply wearing orthopedic shoes on a daily basis will help reduce pressure on them and give you the support you need to have an active life. 

Better Stability

Your feet are instrumental when it comes to balance. Your feet are responsible for supporting and holding your body up. So, when you wear orthopedic shoes, they give you a significantly better base and the weight is spread a lot more evenly through your soles. The improved weight distribution will allow you to walk a lot better and more comfortably. It also helps prevent pressure from being applied to particular parts of your feet which makes you a lot more stable. In particular, Z-Coil shoes contain a rocker forefoot which naturally makes the action of walking a lot easier. In the forefoot, the toe area is also curved which creates a natural rolling motion when walking. This helps to drastically reduce the amount of pressure that is exerted on your toes and the balls of your feet. 

Arch Preservation

The natural arch of your feet helps with their overall functionality and appearance of them. These arches are essential for good movement, flexibility and they also reduce impact while walking. When you wear orthopedic shoes, it works with the arches of your feet and gives you a greater amount of flexibility, comfort, and even spring. Orthopedic shoes also typically mold around the natural curve of your feet which ensures that your foot’s natural arch remains well preserved. 

Lowers Pressure

The majority of your body is heavily reliant on your feet. Wearing orthopedic shoes will naturally reduce foot pain and other body issues. These shoes can greatly improve the well-being of your core, back, knees, ankles, and more. This is because orthopedic footwear helps by ensuring your hips are properly aligned and upright which reduces pain and tension meaning you can get out and start exercising on a bike or even a crosstrainer The level of cushioning provided by these shoes also helps to remove tension from your knees and reduce the pressure of gravity on them.

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