Contraception to follow while nursing your newborn


It can be devastating to get pregnant while still breastfeeding another baby. It can be straining to a couple and even more stressful for the mother. However, there are many safe contraceptives for the breastfeeding woman immediately after she gives birth. Most of these contraceptives cannot harm either the mother or the baby. Here is a list of some of the birth control options for lactating mothers.

Hormonal Contraceptives

Immediately after giving birth, most hospitals will advise the mother to use mini-pills as a form of contraceptive. The pills are useful and will not affect your baby. You can also go for injections often given every three months. Another method that can be used is an implant. The implants are inserted on one’s arms and can be useful for three to five years. IUD’s such as Mirena and Skyla can also be used when breastfeeding. It is best to get the IUD’s and implants inserted by professionals so that they are effective. All of the above forms of contraceptives are progestin-only and are the best for lactating mothers since they do not affect milk supply. The effectiveness of these methods is dependent on whether you take the right dosage and if taken after six weeks postpartum.

All the same, a breastfeeding mother should avoid taking a contraceptive containing estrogen because in the past they have been reported to cause low milk supply. However, it should be understood that estrogen does not harm the baby, it only lowers milk supply. Some women have, however, not witnessed milk reduction even when using contraceptives containing estrogen.

Non-hormonal Contraceptives

There are many non-hormonal birth control methods that breastfeeding moms can choose from some are permanent while others are temporary.

  • Exclusive breastfeeding is a contraceptive. However, with this method, only use if you have not had your first menstrual period since giving birth. Also, ensure that your baby is not feeding on anything else including formula.
  • The other option is the insertion of a copper IUD. The IUD is the most effective birth control choice and lasts for up to 12 years. However, you can always have it removed whenever you want to have more kids. Condoms are also good choices for a lactating mother because they are not hormonal. Condoms exist in two options: one is for men while there is another one for females.
  • Diaphragms and cervical caps are the other choices. However, if you have previously used diaphragms or cervical cups, it is best to wait till your first postpartum checkup at six weeks. It is not advisable to have anything put in your vagina before your doctor approves. At times you may even need a different size from the one you were using previously.
  • The last non- hormonal choice is usually sterilization whereby your fallopian tubes are tied. This method is permanent, so you have to be sure that you don’t want to have more children.

There is another option for unplanned pregnancy whereby you can procure a safe abortion. A child needs parents who are psychologically prepared for it. However, the unexpected may happen and a woman may find herself pregnant while still breastfeeding another young one. Chennai Abortion Clinic carries out safe abortion procedures for such women. It is advisable to visit an authorized clinic to avoid complications that may emanate from abortion procedures.

All in all, there are safe contraceptives for lactating mothers. Some are hormonal, and some are non-hormonal. Some of these methods include mini-pills, IUD’s, condoms, breastfeeding, injections, diaphragms, cervical caps, and sterilization.

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