Why are exercise bikes the all-time favorite of fitness lovers?


Exercising comes in multiple forms. For many, it is doing relaxing yoga on a mat, and for others, it is pumping weights at the gym every alternate day. However, many fitness experts fall in the middle. They don’t like very low-intensity exercises like Pilates, but they don’t want to run outside or lift weights either. Indoor exercise bikes are the perfect equipment for the people who do not like the dirt or the dust on the tracks. Stationary bikes can give you the same intensity workout as a long-distance run, but they exert much less pressure on your knees, ankles and hip joints.

Have you ever used an exercise bike? What do you do with your time at the biking station? Do you merely stare at the TV till the 20 minutes pass while half-heartedly pedaling without really taking a look at the heart rate monitor? Or, do you put your soul in pedaling and monitor your heart rate, intensity levels and speed intently? How you work out on the bike influences everything from your basal metabolism level to your overall fitness for the week. Brisk pedaling at the correct resistance level can be an excellent workout for anyone. You can be a 200-pound middle-aged man or a 130-pound 20-something woman. You will feel the difference the moment you switch to the correct workout type and intensity.

Why are exercise bikes the underdog of fitness training?

According to several experts on The New York Times, the elliptical trainer is one of the most effective cardio machines in a fitness center. It is also one of the most understated gym machines among fitness enthusiasts of the day. It is partly because of the lackluster name and party due to its existence for the last couple of decades. People have been seeing these exercise bikes in gyms and fitness centers for as long as they can remember. Newer gym equipment including the stair climber, elliptical cross trainer, elliptical glider and programmable rowers have claimed the limelight in the past few years.

Another reason that people are not usually fond of stationary bikes is the high boredom level. However, with the multiple pre-set programmes and customizable resistance levels, the new stationary bikes have more to offer than this expensive and complicated gym equipment of the 21st century. To experience the best cardio workout, you need to pick an exercising bike with variable intensity levels. These bikes can challenge your abilities and help you become a stronger version of yourself. Ideally, you should begin with a 5-minute workout and continue for about 20 minutes of moderate activity. You can replace moderate cycling with 15 minutes of vigorous exercise. All you need is about 150-minutes of joint ailments, risks of cardiovascular diseases and threats of sitting diseases at bay.

Why should you pick stationary exercise bikes over other complex gym equipment?

According to the University of Miami Health System, aerobic exercise consists of activities that utilize large muscle groups and allows you to continue the same intensity of workout for long periods. During these phases of training, the muscles use oxygen as the chief source of energy. It boosts the muscle building process through increased blood circulation. Aerobic exercises boost the lung capacity and the heart’s health. Most moderate to high-intensity workouts are aerobic as well as cardio in nature. They elevate the heart rate, but these exercises do not push the muscles to the anaerobic or oxygen deprived state either. Stationary bikes with LCD monitors that let you track your heart rate, intensity and progress are ideal for completing your cardio workout for the week. Get in touch with Hire Fitness to know more.

Riding a stationary bike is an effective cardio workout that helps people keep the pounds off. If you are looking for a way to maintain your current weight, then moderate intensity exercise biking can be a great way to remain healthy and burn of the excess calories from the weekend dinner. People looking for a drastic body transformation usually find exercise bikes very useful. The ability to switch the intensities with the press of a button and keeping the body within its aerobic limits enable the user to drop the pounds steadily. According to several studies, stationary bikes are next best to running to shed extra weight. A 155-pound adult can burn close to 400 kilocalories by spending only 30-minutes on an exercise bike. The workout has to be intense and completely aerobic for the process.

What are a few more reasons to pick exercise bikes at the gyms?

In case you need more reasons to switch to cardio exercise biking, here are a few –

  • Cardio exercises are not just great for keeping the extra weight off, but also for boosting your joint health and circulatory health.
  • Studies have shown that indoor biking can reduce high levels of bad cholesterol and increase the presence of good cholesterol in users.
  • At the same time, it reduces the symptoms of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and spondylosis. It reduces frozen joints and pain threat arises from a sedentary lifestyle.
  • A regular aerobic workout can boost your immune system and keep you safe from minor infections including the flu.
  • At the same time, cardio will improve the strength of your cardiac muscles, lungs and diaphragm. It will reduce the risks of coronary diseases, even if it runs in your family.

One of the most significant advantages of exercise bikes is that they work muscles that running, jogging, and walking cannot reach. It is an aerobic workout, but it helps to burn calories more than ellipticals, treadmills and cross trainers at the same exertion levels. Moreover, they have a high perceived exertion level. It allows people to exercise more without feeling as tired. Stationary bikes give people the freedom to create new programmes or use existing ones. That throws boredom out of the window. The modern stationary bikes come with touchscreens. That should keep you hooked to your cardio station for at least 30 minutes in the next few weeks.

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