Adventure Therapy For Autistic Child With Behaviour Problems


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With Autism affecting 1 out of 160 children globally, it’s not hard to imagine what the family has to go through. 

According to the CDC, the autism spectrum in the US has witnessed a 10 percent increase in 2020 alone. The ordeal is not only limited to the affected one but the caregivers too, as they have to deal with daily episodes of over stimulation, backouts, and reluctance. 

A 2017 study conducted to examine the effectiveness of outdoor adventure for the autism affected showed rewarding outcomes. While the control group remained reclusive, the group undergoing autistic adventures programs depicted favourable outcomes, like increased social interactions and reduced behavioural problems like sudden aggressiveness and self harming tendencies. 

Why autism adventure is a wonderful idea 

Let’s face it, the world out there can be way too hectic for all of us, let alone the autistic kind. An autism respite program, set outdoors, is a readily slow setting that is in perfect sync with someone on the spectrum.

In other words, it takes away the monotony of a rather fast-paced world which isn’t really the kind of setting that an autistic child can endure. That’s why they are known to be reclusive towards changing environs. 

However, in the lap of nature, wonders are waiting to happen as such serene settings relax and hyper-stimulate the mind of your child. Besides, it also offers a window to improve their social skills and interact better with others. 

Initiate healthy dialogue 

At an autism respite, an NDIS support worker usually works closely with children and teens to help enhance their communication skills, like eye contact and initiating a conversation. 

It is quite common for the autism affected, especially young boys who tend to carry one-sided conversations about a specific topic, like some toy or a car they like. An autism respite involves engaging therapies that encourage children along with their caregivers to learn and practice two-sided conversations to develop active listening, understanding, and responding skills.

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At the centre, one must understand that even autism-affected kids are capable of being bright. However, they take relatively more time to build skills, and in an outdoor setting, working alongside so they can take their own time to learn and improve. With patience, love, and compassion, every single activity in an autism respite is designed for individuals to find a better version of themselves. 

What AdventureTeam has to offer 

Adventure Team are diverse and committed team ofpassionate role models and advocates of outdoor, holding experience in mentoring youth, those on the autism spectrum, mental illness or any other disabilities. They combines knowledge and experience from a variety of disciplines including Phycology, Social Work, Education and Sports. 

The dedicated respite spaces facilitated by Adventure Team harbours on creating the perfect comfort zone for one and all. Take our respite house at Teneriffe for instance, a respite house nestled among greenery, where one can readily relax in a surrounding with beautiful parks, gardens, city walks, restaurants, gym, and much more. 

Autistic children can engage in pottery classes which are known to boost concentration and hand-eye coordination or take part in fun activities like axe throwing or climbing if they like. Besides, as parents you can also catch a cosy corner to spend some quality time with others; a good way to break free from the daily humdrum like nowhere else. 

Auchenflower has another great respite facility in the suburbs in the form of a resplendent studio apartment–a wonderful choice if you crave privacy and solitude at the same time. Here, one can indulge in a host of mindful activities like yoga, meditation, or a walk amidst the botanic gardens in close vicinity.

Wrap Up 

While behavioural problems with an autistic child cannot be done away with permanently, intervention techniques like outdoor respites can significantly reduce symptoms. 

With organisations like AdventureTeam coming forward and having experience working with autistic kind, things are shaping up for a befitting experience. 

For more info, visit The Adventure Team today!

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