Using Films as Educational Tools for Your Children


Films and media are both excellent educational tools for your children as long as they’re used properly. Sitting down and binge-watching movies with your child isn’t exactly productive, but if you approach it in the right way then it’s actually a fantastic way to teach your child a lot of important concepts in life and skills that they’ll make use of throughout their entire life. Children are often told to study by looking at books and sitting down with their study materials, but we’re confident that films can be a fantastic alternate learning source that will pique their curiosity.

So in this post, we’re going to look at how you can use films as an educational tool for your children.

Some films are great at teaching life lessons

There are plenty of children’s films that are designed to help them understand more about the world and also teach them important skills, even if the topics surrounding them are often quite sad or disappointing. Even Disney films can often be quite upsetting, even if they do have a happy ending. It showcases the struggles of life and how to cope with disappointment, but also to never give up and to always strive to be your best against all odds.

But simply watching the film isn’t enough to remember it or the concepts it teaches. This is why we highly suggest that you look at Disney movie trivia and test your child after the film is over. Alternatively, you can quiz them on the film sometime in the future, or refer to the film when you’re teaching them about something from a book.

Learning more about the world

Although films are incredibly stereotypical and occasionally omit facts for the sake of storytelling, there are lots of films that mirror the real world. Even if the stereotypes are far too obvious, it’s a great way for your child to learn about what happens in the world and how things work.

Films can also show how your child can use critical thinking to get out of difficult situations, and they can also help your child clearly define what is morally good or bad. Most films will always have some kind of villain and hero, and these are usually always modeled after simplified concepts of good and evil. This will help improve their own attitude and personality, both of which will be defining factors in their teenage and young adult life.

Again, we have to say that binge- watching films is not a good way to study anything. However, if you analyze the films with your child and quiz them on the lessons they’ve learned watching it, then it can be a fantastic learning experience that will open your child’s mind to new concepts and ways to approach the world. This means that you need to carefully pick films to watch with children, but that’s easy to take care of with a simple Google search. If you have the time, then we recommend you personally skip through the film once to see if it’s suitable for your child first. 

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