The 5 Ways To Have A Day Spa Experience At Home


Everybody could use some time spent at a day spa. Let’s face it, though. It can be really expensive, and it is sometimes difficult to justify the cost, especially in times of crazy inflation. The thing is, a day at the spa is good for the body and the mind and can help reduce stress and fatigue from the stresses of daily life. 

This is why you should at least try to replicate the experience at home. Creating your own spa day is easier than you think and can be done with simple supplies found around the house. In this article, we will cover some of the ways that you can enjoy a day spa without leaving the comfort of home. 

1 – Set the mood

Transforming your space into a tranquil environment is essential for creating a relaxing atmosphere at home that closely mimics that offered by traditional spas. 

You can start by dimming the lights or setting up candles, which provide soft lighting while also emitting calming fragrances like lavender, rosemary, or eucalyptus. This will help set the mood and create an ambiance perfect for unwinding.

The lighting, soothing music, and gentle and relaxing scents are what define most day spas and are apparent as soon as you walk through the door. When you set up the bathroom for a shower, put on some music to start the relaxation process. Even some white noise, such as waves crashing, or water running, will help you turn your brain off. 

The scents can come from essential oil diffusers, shower steamers, bath bombs, and even scented body lotion to apply when you finish the shower or bath. 

2 – Take a warm bath

Taking a bath is one of the best ways to relax after a long day or week, especially when it comes with soothing ingredients such as Epsom salt, essential oils, or bubble baths. A warm soak helps release stress from both the mind and body while providing relief for sore muscles too.

Adding scents such as peppermint oil, known for its invigorating properties, would enhance this experience even further, making it feel more indulgent. Or, you could add a lavender scented bath bomb that will help relax your mind since lavender is a scent associated with sleep. 

Take at least twenty minutes to soak away the stresses of daily life. Lay back and let the warm water and scents do their thing while you close your eyes and drift off to a relaxing mental state. 

3 – Give yourself a facial

Facials are an excellent way to rejuvenate skin while providing relaxation benefits through massages and facial steaming effects without having to leave your house.

Start by cleansing your face using mild products free from harsh chemicals, then follow up with gentle exfoliation before applying moisturizing masks rich in vitamins C and E. These vitamins work wonders on restoring elasticity, giving you that youthful glow back in no time.

You can exfoliate in the shower or bath and then apply the facial once you are out. Apply the mask, and then sit back and relax for the time indicated on the instructions. 

4 – Do a foot soak

Closing your day spa experience with a relaxing foot soak is one way to end the day on a high note. Fill up a bowl of warm water, add some Epsom salt or essential oils such as mint, rosemary, or lavender for added relaxation effects, and then soak your feet in this mixture for 15-20 minutes while enjoying music or reading a book.

You could even use a special foot soaker that heats the water while your feet soak that essentially works like a mini jacuzzi for your feet. 

5 – Do some light stretching

Gentle stretching exercises like yoga or pilates reap numerous health benefits, including improved flexibility and reduced muscle tension, helping to alleviate stress levels within seconds. Incorporating these movements into daily routines goes beyond just physical wellness. Studies show how they also help increase self-confidence and mental wellbeing overall.

Usually, people enjoy a massage at the end of their spa experience. If you are alone, then doing these light stretches will give you many of the same benefits as a massage. 


Enjoying an at-home spa experience can be just as luxurious and rewarding as visiting a traditional spa. Setting the mood, indulging in soothing baths, and enjoying foot soaks are all ways to create that perfect oasis you need after a long week.

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