9 Useful Senior Holiday Gifts


Forget the knick knacks and trinkets this holiday season. Instead, give the senior on your holiday list a gift full of thought that can also be put to good use. Here are nine ideas for useful senior holiday gifts to keep your present from collecting dust down the road.


  1. Playing cards: For the senior who is always ready for a quick game, but may have difficulty reading regular cards, a set of large print playing cards can do the trick. Pick up multiple decks to allow for game nights with friends.


  1. Smart pad: Pick up a senior-friendly tablet created to take into consideration problems seniors may face with traditional ones. These tablets, like the one offered by GrandPad, have an easy-to-see screen and large buttons to increase convenience and usability. It also has sizeable images that correlate with tasks such as making a phone call, sending messages, accessing photos, playing games and more.


  1. Transportation gift card: Aging can often mean driving less, or not at all. For the independent senior who wishes to get out and about, consider a gift card to a ride sharing service. Check out companies that offer senior programs that include safety protocols and check-ins for peace of mind.


  1. Puzzles: Does your loved one enjoy puzzles but have difficulty grasping the small pieces? Order a senior-friendly puzzle, with beautiful designs cut into large pieces that are easy to view and pick up. For a personal touch, customize the puzzle with a favorite photo or his or her favorite destination.


  1. Electric razor: Shaving can become more difficult with age. Purchase an electric razor to allow for a smooth shave while eliminating nicks and cuts.


  1. Music: Music is a universal language and there is likely a band or genre that would be appreciated. Buy a few CDs of your loved one’s favorite tunes or purchase online credit so he or she can add music to the GrandPad.


  1. Tickets: What better way to celebrate the holidays than to set up an outing for you and your loved one? Purchase tickets to a museum or to a local production of a play or concert. If you do not live close enough to join, include an extra ticket for a friend to accompany him or her on the excursion.


  1. Books: If reading was a favorite pastime, help bring the hobby back into the fold with a set of large-print books. You can order a variety of books printed specifically with seniors in mind, allowing you to choose from a variety of topics and themes.


  1. Blanket: Who couldn’t use a little extra warmth? Opt for a specialty heated blanket or a custom photo blanket created to display a collage of family photos.


Don’t get stuck looking for a gift last minute. Take inventory of what the senior in your life may need and pick up a gift that shows you care. For more holiday inspiration, check out GrandPad’s list of gift ideas.

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