8 tips to make your kid’s sick days go smoother


Sick days can seem to come out of nowhere, sometimes. And, when you have to quickly revamp you and your child’s day it can be a challenge.

Luckily, there are some tips, tricks, and tools that you can have in your back pocket to help everything run a little smoother on those days that your child isn’t feeling well — for both you and your kid.

Below, we will cover 8 ways that sick days can be seamless, while keeping everyone as comfortable and happy as possible.

  • Get them checked out with a telemedicine appointment when possible

Bringing your child in to see the doctor when they aren’t feeling well can often be a hassle. 

You and your child who is not feeling well may spend a long time in the waiting room, and blow through a good portion of the day, just to get a quick prescription or to have the doctor recommend general at-home care measures.

Many telemedicine services are geared towards adults, but there are some great pediatric telemedicine options, too.

And, while there are definitely cases where in-person care is a must. You may be able to opt for a quick online pediatric telemedicine consultation with a doctor to handle things like mild colds and viruses, or minor rashes. The telemedicine doc can often prescribe what is needed right to your local pharmacy, or advise that you go for in-person care if the situation warrants.

When your child is already not feeling well, being able to get the medical care handled quickly from home can really make the day go more smoothly.

  • Keep some usual sick day foods on hand

When kids don’t feel well, they often have little to no appetite. So, be sure to keep some sick-day favorites on hand at all times. Something that you know they won’t say “no” to.

This may include soups, smoothie ingredients, whole fruit popsicles, or whatever your little one tends to feel like when under the weather that still delivers some healthy nutrients for healing.

Making sure that you have a few of these on hand can help you avoid a trip out to gather sick-day supplies when you need them.

  • Focus on rest and relaxing activities

Let your little one know that the more they rest, the sooner they will feel better.

They may not always feel like napping the day away, but at least arrange a few restful activities that may easily translate into a little shut-eye.

Tuck them into bed or the couch and read them their favorite book, put on some relaxing music, or favorite feel-good (low intensity) show so that they can drift off occasionally.

  • Hydration is key

Hydration is key for anyone who is feeling ill, but this is especially important in kids since they can become dehydrated more easily than adults.

Even if they aren’t feeling thirsty, encourage them to take a sip or two every once in a while to keep them hydrated.

Drinks and snacks with electrolytes may be tastier than water while providing the necessary electrolyte balance to help hydration.

If you have a particularly fussy sipper, electrolyte popsicles are available to provide some hydration in a fun way. Bonus: these can help soothe scratchy throats, too.

  • Keep kid-appropriate cold and flu medications in stock

This goes along with avoiding having to run to the store when your little one needs you close at home (or is not feeling in the mood to tag along).

Keep a medicine cabinet stocked with the kid sick-day basic like children’s Advil, children’s Tylenol, Vaporub, or other cold and flu basics if they are old enough to use them. 

Always read the labels on the back to make sure they are kid-appropriate, or ask the pharmacist what are some good cold and flu medicines to keep on hand for kids your children’s age.

  • Stick close to help kids feel better

Some kids may feel better when you hang out with them or cuddle when they aren’t feeling well.

Even, if they just feel like napping. Sitting next to them and reading a book may help them relax, feel better, and drift off.

If you have work to do on your laptop, this may be a perfect way to tend to your child while knocking out somethings on your work to-do list.

  • Queue up some of their favorite movies

Part of getting through a sick-day smoothly may be to help your child take their mind off feeling lousy for a while.

Keeping a few of their favorite movies ready to stream or pop in may help them relax and enjoy themselves while still keeping things low-key and restful.

  • Line up some relaxing craft to keep them entertained

Sometimes kids can only nap for so long when they aren’t feeling well.

Luckily, there are plenty of low-intensity sick day crafts and activities that you can have at the ready.

Coloring, drawing, and board games are easy enough to get set up and can keep them entertained without riling them up.

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