7 TV Shows You Can Watch With Your Kids… AND Enjoy!


Every mom knows the pain. Sitting for hours on end having to watch mind-numbing kids TV shows, just to keep your children happy. With the Christmas break approaching fast, you can only dread how much bad TV you are going to have to endure. But why shouldn’t you all be entertained? Here are 7 TV shows that you can watch with your kids, and enjoy with them!

  1. The Middle

This show is about your average American family, living in Indiana. What’s so funny about it is that it’s relatable! The kids will find the youngest kid Brick hilarious, and you will completely sympathize with mom and dad.

  1. Star Trek

If you can get your kids into Star Trek, you will never be stuck for gifts ideas ever again! The name is a huge franchise; there are comics, films, TV shows and toys all under this big name. It is fun to watch for kids as it is set in space, and enjoyable for adults as it is live action rather than cartoons. Your family could definitely benefit from a dose of Star Trek.

  1. The Flash

The Flash TV series is about the Marvel comic book hero Flash, who can run at super-human speed. The fact the main character is a superhero makes the show automatically interesting to kids, but adults will enjoy it too! It even won a People’s Choice award in 2014 for the ‘Favorite New TV Drama’.

  1. Simpsons

Kids will enjoy the Simpsons because it’s a cartoon, which automatically makes it appealing to them. But you can also enjoy the show too! The program tackles much more adult themes than childish ones, without it being too rude for children to watch. A perfect kid/ adult balance that you can all enjoy.

  1. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Admittedly, it has been a long time since this show has been live on TV (1996 – now that is something to make you feel old!). However, it is still a classic that can be enjoyed by all the family. Even kids will laugh at Will Smith!

  1. The Muppet’s

The Muppet’s are a classic, recognizable set of characters for any adult, that can also be enjoyed by kids who aren’t yet familiar with them. In the show, we can see the set of puppets go about their personal and professional lives. The best thing for kids is that the series has only started in 2015, meaning it isn’t too dated for them to enjoy. The episodes are also only 20 minutes long, so younger kids won’t lose interest too quickly!

  1. Dr Who

Very popular in the UK, Dr Who is a show about a time traveler who saves the world from just about anything. This program is gripping for both adults and kids, as the story-lines are always simple enough that children will still understand.
Try putting these shows on for a change, and see if you and your kids enjoy them! Any other suggestions? Let us know with a comment!


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