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Let’s face it: having children is hectic. As much as your little bundle of joy is one of your proudest achievements in life, they can be a real pain in the backside. You can’t blame them, though. They were brought into this chaotic and highly disorganized world with no knowledge of how to navigate it whatsoever. That’s why it’s so imperative that we do our best as parents to help guide them and make things simpler for them while they orient themselves in this sometimes fantastic, sometimes terrifying place we call Earth.

Since we’re far removed from the fur loincloth days, we now adorn our children in all kinds of clothing that they need to slip in and out of on a daily basis. To make sure they can tell their clothes apart from the clothing of their classmates as well as just make sure they know what’s theirs and what isn’t, sometimes some outside help such as iron-on name labels can be a real savior. If you have more than one child all around the same age, these can also help you keep all of their clothes separate to avoid tantrums derived from accusations of clothing theft. Where can an industrious mother find these labels?

Well, there are a few options:

Go To A Local Print Shop

Find a local print shop in your area and see what services they offer as far as labels go. Make sure you don’t walk away with simple paper labels as these are the furthest thing from permanent and your child is more than likely to rip it off immediately just to fine-tune their motor skills a bit more. Make sure they’re made from a material that’s designed to be ironed-on like woven polyester or other synthetic materials.

Print shop employees might not know off the top of their heads if the particular labels they’re offering are in fact able to be ironed-on. So make sure to either ask for a manager’s confirmation or to read up yourself on whether or not that material can be ironed on permanently.

Should your print shop has what you need in stock, you’ll next need to specify what you’d like to labels to say and they’ll be able to have them printed out for you almost immediately. I suggest ordering way more labels than you’ll need so you’ll have some on hand for years to come as your child keeps outgrowing their clothes. This way, you’ll also take advantage of economy of scale and get a very good deal on these labels. I sincerely doubt you’d like to go through this process every year or so for your kids, so just get it all done in one fell swoop and go for gold.

Seek Out The Help Of The Internet

The internet is a mother’s best friend, I’d say. You’re no longer confined to what you can jury-rig based on what you can find in your hometown when it comes to making your life and the lives of your children more simple and straightforward. There are thousands of companies that will let you order iron-on labels that are extremely customizable currently on the internet. You’ll be able to choose the size, font, and of course lettering on your labels to your exact specifications. While you will be paying for shipping, labels are extremely light and thin so it’s unlikely that shipping will take a long time or be particularly expensive. Some of these companies lack a physical storefront and might actually be cheaper than a local print shop in the long run.

Try and look for a company that’s based in your own country so shipping times are as quick as possible. Even within that, don’t settle for the first one you find. Some will let you add on playful characters like animals or scenery to make your labels have more personality and be much more easily recognizable than a bland representation of your child’s name.  Not only that, many online retailers have extras on their website that you can add to your order like large name labels or reusable ID wristbands for kids as well. These companies are trying to maximize the amount of utility their products can serve for any given family, so make sure to find one that goes the extra mile as far as personalizing your children’s clothes and possessions. Finding the right label that your child loves having on their clothes helps make them more responsible for their own belongings, as they’ll have a much more emotional attachment to the item than they did previously.

Keeping things organized and flowing is one of the greatest challenges any mother can face. Child rearing is inherently chaotic and things can go wrong in the blink of an eye. Labelling your children’s earthly possessions so that they don’t go missing is just one way to keep everything neat and orderly in your household. In fact, once you start figuring out how to keep things simple, you might find yourself addicted to figuring out more and more mom hacks to get the job done.

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