7 Steps to Your Perfect Diet for Hair Growth


Want your hair to grow as strong and healthy as possible? Your diet will play a key role in that. Your hair is made up of the second fastest growing cells in your body and, like all living organisms, these cells need to be sustained properly in order to achieve optimal performance.

The fact is that you can apply all the products, lotions, and potions that you want to your hair, but if you want to make long-term changes to its strength and the speed of its growth then you really need to start from the inside. And that means changing your diet, and ensuring it contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals that you need.

7 Steps to Your Perfect Diet for Hair Growth

Here are seven simple steps that you can follow to achieve the perfect diet for hair growth:

Start with Protein

Hair is made of mostly of protein, and it is this that gives your hair its strength, so it is essential that you include protein in your diet. You can get the protein you need in your diet by eating meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy products, and certain legumes.

If you are a vegetarian, and certainly if you are a vegan, you may wish to consider adding a daily protein supplement to your diet to ensure you are getting the amount of protein you need. Without it, your hair will quickly become weak and brittle.  

7 Steps to Your Perfect Diet for Hair Growth

Include Healthy Fats

When you’re conscious of your figure and want to look your best, one of the first things we often cut from our diet is fat. And whilst certain fats (such as those included in chips, crisps, and fried meats) are certainly not good for us and are best avoided, there are certain fats you shouldn’t exclude if you want your hair to look its best.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats are found in oily fish such as sardines, salmon, and tuna, and are both essential for healthy hair and skin. If your scalp feels dry and itchy (or you are regularly treating dandruff) then the most likely cause is a deficiency of Omega 3, which can be easily corrected by eating oily fish at least twice a week.

Add a Supplement

Not sure if you’re going to start eating fresh fish twice a week or don’t have time to cook healthy meals from scratch every day? Why not consider using a supplement to add essential vitamins key for hair growth into your diet.

Brands such as Viviscal, TRX2, Nourkrin, and Rogaine can be used to fill the gaps that you are unable to fill with diet alone. These are all supplements that have been clinically proven to maximise hair growth. There is no easier way to ensure that you are getting the precise amount of vitamins that you need in your diet each day, and many modern supplements are tailored specifically with the deficits so often included in our modern diets in mind. It’s important to note, though, that supplements work best when used alongside a change in diet, not simply instead of one.

Incorporate Iron

Iron is an essential ingredient for strong and healthy hair. Without it, your hair will lose its luster, and will also become more prone to breakages. If your diet is iron deficient you will also shed more hair, which could create the illusion of hair loss.

One of the easiest ways to add iron to your diet is by eating more red meat. A great rule of thumb is that the redder the meat, the more iron it will contain. If you’re vegetarian you can get iron from legumes and from vitamin C, but in much smaller amounts, so you should consider adding a vitamin C rich supplement to your diet to protect your hair strength.

Nibble on Nuts

Looking for something healthy to snack on as part of your healthy diet for hair growth? Nibble on nuts! These little bites are rich in all the nutrients you need for healthy hair.

Nuts contain healthy fats, vitamin E and a wealth of essential B vitamins. They are the perfect snack because, as well as giving you a boost of energy, they will also add shine and strength to your hair. Just one small handful of nuts a day is enough to notice a real difference in the condition of your hair.

Load up on Vitamin C

Most people think of oranges when they think of vitamin C, and whilst they are certainly loaded with it, you will also find this essential vitamin in plenty of other foods. Start with grapefruits, kiwi fruits, oranges, and grapefruits. Move on to antioxidant-rich vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and spinach.

It is important to include plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet every day. It is especially vital for hair strength because vitamin C contains collagen which not only makes your hair thicker and stronger, it also improves its flexibility.

Drink Plenty of Water

Finally, we all know that we should drink at least eight glasses of water a day, but how many of us actually reach that elusive target? Did you know that if you did drink those eight glasses of water then it would make a big difference to the condition of your hair? Hair that is well hydrated is stronger and glossier.

Having plenty of fluids in your system will also aid circulation and help your body deliver those vital nutrients to your hair follicles. Drinking more water is the one thing everyone can do, and it really will have a big impact on your hair.


It’s surprisingly easy to change your diet for the better to improve the strength and thickness of your hair. You don’t have to cook like a master chef or spend a fortune on ingredients either. Simple meals such as a small piece of steak teamed with two cups of vitamin-rich vegetables, and some delicious spicy beans contain all the essential vitamins you need.

Because your hair is always growing and producing new cells, you only need to follow these tips and stick to this diet plan for two weeks to begin to notice a difference.

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