Can White Noise Help You Sleep Better?


If you have a friend or family member who tells you that they can’t sleep without white noise, you’re bound to see an app on their mobile device that’ll generate these sleep-making audio. There are even white noise makers available on the market, and seeing such a device might even make you want to hail it as the holy grail of sleeping.

Sleep experts do agree that listening to white noise machines or apps can be soothing, know that the information and data backing it is encouraging, but a little limited.

Going the White Route

People who are attuned to the sound of white noise while they try to fall asleep listening to the audio as a form of anti-noise. There are individuals who’ll think of white noise as nothing more than redundant sounds, but it does help your brain distract on something so you don’t have to be caught on all the thoughts that might be pouring into your head as you try to fall asleep. Note that not everyone needs white noise to catch some Zs at night. However, for individuals that need the audio, it does dampen other noises in the surrounding. White noise can come in many forms, which include the following: the whirring of a fan, the pitter-patter of raindrops, or even a noisy coffee shop setting.

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Some individuals like to wind down with a calming sound right before they head off to dreamland. However, making sure that they listen to it every night can become an integral part of having a good night’s sleep. While some people would just turn off the lights, close the windows, and jump head first onto their pillows to sleep calmly until the next morning, others would take an extra step just to get a good rest. That additional step is to turn on an app or a white noise sound to make sure that they can fall asleep. People who tend to listen to white noise at night may even find it difficult to catch some Zs in situations wherein they can’t play the audio.

White Noise Generators

If you require white noise to properly sleep at night, then know that you’re options aren’t limited to the apps you can find on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. In fact, white noise generators don’t even have to come from a mobile device. The two most common sources of white noise are air purifiers are electric fans. There are, however, best dedicated white noise machines on the market, but these can cost you anywhere from $15 to $100 per unit.

The Takeaway About White Noise

White noise or anti-noise can create a blank thought in the minds of people so they won’t have to be disturbed by the rush of thoughts while trying to fall asleep at night. However, there’s nothing about the science of the sound that tells that it can improve sleeping patterns. In fact, it’s the same for other people who will go to sleep in a quiet room.

However, if you do require white noise generators because it’s now part of your nightly routine, do select the right device or app that’s attuned to your senses. If not, then you’re still going to have a tough time trying to catch some much-needed rest at night after a hard day at work or school.                                 


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