6 Exercises For a Solid Back



According to various expert physiotherapists, a solid back, one that is free from any kind of pain, is essential to lead a healthy and care-free life. However, 9 out of 10 people are seen complaining about backache issues.

Backaches are very common and can happen to anyone. A simple bend or a slip can cause backache to arrive and at times it can be extremely painful. You can protect yourself against potential hazards by making sure you have a solid back so that you do not have to face backache issues.

Your best option is to turn to exercises that are designed to improve and strengthen your back. Let’s have a look at six such exercises.

  1. A Bottom-To-Heels Stretch

One of the most effective exercises for your back is doing a bottom to heels stretch every day. Although it looks like a warmup technique, it requires flexibility and stamina to do so.

This exercise helps to reduce back pain because it deals with stretching the spine and creating movement in the spinal joints, thus, blood flow is improved while practising this exercise.

Get on a mat and place your knees under your hips, lock the elbows while keeping both your arms under the shoulders. Keep bending until you feel your spine stretching. Stop if you begin to feel any pain and do not try to bend more than you easily can. Keep repeating the exercising to improve the condition of your back.


  1. Rolling On Your Knees

This exercise requires you to lie on your back and place something under your head to give support. Bend your knees and keep them glued. Now gently roll your knees to either sides very slowly. Make sure your arms are widely stretched against the floor and your shoulders are nicely tucked in. While stretching on either sides, hold your breath and then release to make it more effective.


  1. Backward Arcs

A very simple exercise which deals with you lying on your stomach, keeping both your hands on the floor and pushing down the hands while pushing your body up to form a curve. Keep stretching until you feel a good stretch in your back and stomach muscles.


  1. Plank

Lie on your stomach and shift your entire weight on your elbows. Make sure you are on the tip of your toes. Maintain this position for a few second while holding your breath as it will help you get relief from joint pain issues. You can start by holding 15 second planks and then move ahead to 30 seconds, 60 and more.


  1. Squat Against The Wall

Keep your back against the wall and slowly bend down in a way that your entire weight is concentrated on your thigh area. This gives your back a good stretch and helps to loosen your back muscles.


  1. Spinal Stretch

Sit in a chair and stretch sideways as much as you can while keeping your hands folded in front. However, do it a few times, don’t go overboard with it or you might get a strain in the muscles.


These light exercises will help strengthen your back, but if you already have backache issues then you should turn to a clinic like MySpine Chiropractic Center.

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