7 Health Benefits of Cashew Butter


Are PB&J’s getting a little old as a staple in your kitchen?

Mix it up by swapping your typical nut butter to cashew butter. Made like peanut butter by grinding up cashews into smooth, spreadable butter, this tasty treat offers some diversity in the kitchen.

It also offers some bonuses for your body. The benefits of cashew butter to your health include important nutrients, a filling profile, and safe sourcing options that protect you from junky food choices.

1. Peanut-Free

This one may seem a bit obvious, but one of the major health benefits for so many consumers is that cashew butter is peanut-free. Five percent of kids have peanut allergies, so finding a safe and viable option for them to consume nut butter is important. 

With cashew butter, these kids can still enjoy the simplicity of a nut butter and jelly sandwich without any danger to their health.

2. Plant-Based Protein

Getting enough protein can be a real struggle for some. First, they will need to calculate how much protein their body needs. Cashew butter protein is an excellent source, so adding it in to meet these calculations can get you a step closer to a balanced diet.

Calculate how many calories you need in a day. Then estimate up to 35% of that total as the max amount of protein needed. Demands can change based on activity levels or physical conditions like pregnancy.

Once you figure out what percentage of calories you need to derive from protein-based sources, estimate how many grams of protein you need to at.

Grams are the unit of measurement most servings of protein will be labeled with. For each gram of protein, you’ll consume four calories. Use cashew butter calories to help measure protein.

Cashew butter will typically net around 5 to 6 grams of protein per serving. For those hoping to stick to more plant-based sources of protein, incorporating cashew butter into several meals or snacks throughout the day can help tip the scales on their protein count.

3. Good for Your Body

When you eat bad fats—like saturated fats from animal protein—they contribute to cholesterol build-up in your arteries. A balanced diet and exercise can help prevent the build-up of cholesterol.

Do yourself one better by adding cashew butter into your diet. One of the most important cashew butter benefits includes the ability to scrub cholesterol right out of your arteries.

Cashews are also associated with lowering the chances of gallstones and Type 2 diabetes. Healthy diets can prevent food-related issues like the ones that cause both of these diseases. Cashew butter is one of the types of foods that can increase a healthy diet.

4. Nourishing Nutrients

There are many important nutrients and minerals in cashews that make cashew butter a superfood. Who needs a multi-vitamin when you can stock up with cashew butter nutrition?

Selenium & Antioxidants

Want to fight the free radicals that damage your cells and contribute to things like cancer? Eat more foods with antioxidants, like cashew butter. 

One particular substance that acts as an antioxidant is selenium. Fight inflammation when you up your selenium intake, a simple step to take with added cashew butter in your diet.


Give your immune system a level up with the zinc found in cashew butter. This mineral gives your body the tools it needs to build up your immune system and face down viruses and bacteria.


It’s essential to get enough magnesium in your diet. This mineral contributes to many multiple body systems, including your nervous system, vascular system, and bone health.

Luckily, cashew butter is an easy way to add more to your diet.


Getting enough iron can be tough, especially for those following a plant-based diet. Cashews contain iron, so including cashew butter in your meals makes it easier to get enough of this mineral and fight anemia.

5. Satiety from Cashews

Those who incorporate reasonable serving sizes of nut butter into their diet may experience more satiety. This is due to the fiber and protein content in nuts. 

When you’re less hungry, it’s simpler to not reach for an extra snack. That’s why high-fiber foods like cashew butter are a good choice for those hoping to control their weight.

6. Diverse Uses

Staple foods are one that you can incorporate throughout your day and into multiple recipes. When you choose healthy foods that are easy to integrate across your meal planning, you’re more likely to stick to eating them.

Cashew butter makes this possible. Mix it into a berry smoothie in the morning for some protein that will power you through the beginning of the day.

Re-work a healthy version of a childhood favorite at lunch with whole-grain bread and a low-sugar jelly. At dinner, whip up some Pad Thai noodles with cashew butter subbed in for peanut butter.

Get used to experimenting in the kitchen with cashew butter recipe options for a healthier you.

7. Safe Sourcing

There are many “junk food” nut butters out there mixed with sugar and unhealthy oils. However, as a newer alternative on the market, there are a fair amount of safely sourced cashew butters on the shelves.

What’s in your food isn’t the only thing that matters. Where it came from and how it was grown is important, too. You can learn more about how companies develop and source their nut butter recipes before deciding on a brand you’d like to try.

The Benefits of Cashew Butter

As more people realize the benefits of cashew butter, it has become easier to find in typical grocery stores. Check in the peanut butter and jelly section for jarred cashew butter or the bulk bin section where your store may grind it fresh.

Cashew butter recipe options are all over the recipe-verse, from smoothies to tasty protein bars. Find ways to integrate more cashew butter into your diet with these yummy options.

Learn more about healthy eating when you browse our additional food articles.

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