7 Fun Weekend Activities to Do with Your Family


Kids that spend time with their families are less prone to trouble at school, less likely to develop issues with their weight and enjoy a bevy of other exceptional lifestyle benefits.

If you want what’s best for your kids, do your family a favor and skip letting everybody do what they want this weekend. Instead, plan a fun activity that everyone can enjoy together.

We get that coming up with fun organized activities isn’t every parent or guardian’s cup of tea—which is why we’ve taken the liberty of quickly sharing 7 family activities that you and your kids can enjoy this weekend.

That way, you can spend more time having fun and less time having to think!

1. Hang Out at the Park

Here’s an easy family activity suggestion… Pack up the family and drive 5-minutes to your local park.

You can bring recreational toys like footballs, basketballs, and baseballs. You could even pack a picnic to enjoy!

2. Go for a Stroll Downtown

When was the last time that you took your kids to explore your downtown area? If you live in the suburbs, we’re willing to bet that it has been a while.

Big cities like Los Angeles, Portland, Atlanta and a variety of others have vivacious downtown areas that are filled with fun shops, places to eat and free activities to enjoy.

You could even go online and print out a scavenger hunt map to structure your adventure.

3. Catch a Flick

Sometimes, all you need for a good weekend is a movie ticket, a tub of popcorn and a large soda. Don’t want to spend $10.00+ per person to watch a film at your local theater? No problem!

Load up on dollar store snacks and pick a movie to stream at home!

4. Try an Escape Room

Escape rooms are spaces that you and your family get locked up in which require you to solve puzzles in order to get out. While many escape rooms are meant to be scary, some companies feature escape room for kids options that boast easier puzzles and light-hearted themes.

Escape rooms can get pricey but there’s no better activity choice if your goal is to do something that forces interaction.

5. Head to the Zoo

Nice weather? Check. City Zoo within a 30-minute drive of your house? Check.

If you managed to check both of those boxes, support your local zoo by packing a picnic and spending the day there. Most zoos have a bevy of kid-friendly activities that the family can enjoy in addition to looking at animals.

6. Have a Game Night

Bust out those old board games, whip up some snacks and start playing! You’d be surprised how much fun a family can have spending the evening playing monopoly.

7. Go Camping

Camping isn’t everybody’s jam but if you like the great outdoors, pick up a tent and head out to a campsite.

Getting away from it all is a great way for your family to get to know one another.

Wrapping Up Fun Family Weekend Activities

Any one of our family weekend activity suggestions is sure to be a hit in your house so pick one and have a blast!

If you’d like more family activity and bonding suggestions, check out more of the content on our blog today!

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LaDonna Dennis is the founder and creator of Mom Blog Society. She wears many hats. She is a Homemaker*Blogger*Crafter*Reader*Pinner*Friend*Animal Lover* Former writer of Frost Illustrated and, Cancer...SURVIVOR! LaDonna is happily married to the love of her life, the mother of 3 grown children and "Grams" to 3 grandchildren. She adores animals and has four furbabies: Makia ( a German Shepherd, whose mission in life is to be her attached to her hip) and Hachie, (an OCD Alaskan Malamute, and Akia (An Alaskan Malamute) who is just sweet as can be. And Sassy, a four-month-old German Shepherd who has quickly stolen her heart and become the most precious fur baby of all times. Aside from the humans in her life, LaDonna's fur babies are her world.

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Kelsey Jon
4 years ago

Hi LaDonna, Amazing article. You have mentioned so many amazing ideas to add up in weekend activities with the children. I also have 2 kids, both are girls. I guess camping and planning a game night will be a better idea to do.

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