Summer Beach Essentials for Families


In the summer, there is nothing quite like a trip to the beach to blow away the cobwebs. Most people love to be beside the sea. It is always good to go somewhere the kids can run around and have a good time while you lay back and watch them. When you go home everyone feels better and is physically tired enough to enjoy a good night´s rest.

It really is a great way to recharge everyone´s batteries, so you want to make sure that you are ready to go at the drop of a hat. The last thing you want is to end up having to drag everyone to the shops for gear before you can get going. The chances are the best spots will be gone, by the time you get there. A far better approach is to go shopping now so you can go as soon as you wake up to a nice day. click to see a guide about the best baby beach tents.

Summer Beach Essentials for Families


Top of the list of beach essentials is swimwear. You and the kids need something you know is going to fit, and be practical. Right now, there is plenty of choices, but you need to go shopping soon if you want to avoid the best bikinis, one-pieces, tankinis and bathing shorts being out of stock.

Sun cream

Everyone needs good sun protection. Make sure that your sun creams are still to date and that you have enough to go around. You may be able to buy it at the beach, but it is likely to be far more expensive than it would be if you bought it from your local supermarket.

Sunblock for your lips

It is also a good idea to buy a sun balm stick to use on everyone´s lips. As you can see here, the lips are a common site for skin cancer to develop, yet most of us still forget to protect them.

Summer Beach Essentials for Families

Sunglasses and hats

You also need to make sure everyone´s eyes are protected. That means hitting everyone out in sunglasses and hats. A hat stops the sun from leaking in through the sides of the glasses, so wearing one with a brim is usually a good idea when you are on the beach.

Some form of shade

When the sun gets high in the sky the sand is going to get burning hot. If you can, take a beach umbrella or shade tent with you. That way you will have somewhere cool to enjoy your lunch and to protect anyone who is suffering from the heat.


Don´t forget to take enough towels. You would be surprised at how many people leave them on the side by mistake. If you have yet to use a sand free beach towels, then now’s the time!

A basic first aid kit

Unfortunately, knocks and scrapes happen, so you need to be ready to deal with them. Put together a basic beach first aid kit that includes sting cream, something to disinfect a cut, waterproof plasters, a sterile dressing and a bandage.

Antibacterial hand wipes

If you are planning to enjoy ice creams, or lunch, on the beach take some hand wipes with you. That will reduce the risk of the kids picking up a stomach bug.

A big beach bag

Last on the least is a big beach bag, which you can pack the night before. Try to buy one that can be popped in the washing machine, or wiped over with an antibacterial wipe, when you get home. click to see a guide about the best baby beach tents.


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