Why Your Family Should play Table Games Together


Believe it or not, technology has made many improvisations to entertain your family with devices like video games and TVs. This, however, has taken all of our attention, leaving no time for family. Luckily, research has shown that there are many family table games that can be beneficial for you and your family. In this article, we share some of the reasons why your family should play table games together.

  1. They are really fun.

Playing games can really be fun, especially when you’re playing them with your family. Whether it’s a close family night or a large family reunion, playing any type of table game actually helps you learn and laugh together.

  1. They create lasting bond and memories.

In addition to giving you a good time, playing table games also enable you to bond with your family. It creates an environment where parents and children get to interact outside their usual routine.

According to a 2016 research on “Family Happiness,” the second top reason why most families fail is that parents spend a lot of time working. Most participants in the study suggested a family game night as the solution to this problem. By playing table games together, kids get to spend time with their parents.

Additionally, children are able to put down their devices like tablet and gather around the table to interact with other family members. This, in turn, builds a lasting bond within the family and creates memories that last a lifetime. Besides, parents can take this opportunity to teach their children life and practical lessons.

  1. They contribute to academic development.

If not for any other reason, you may want to play table games with your child in order to help develop his or her classroom skills. Research shows that regularly playing table games keeps the mind more focused and active. A little family time can result in great classroom performance since you will be growing the child’s early number skills.

Playing games that are enjoyable can foster your child’s ability to focus, and it can lengthen his or her attention span. Table games also help build analytical and problem-solving skills, helping your child learn how to respond quickly to situations with urgency.

  1. They help improve one’s social skills.

In addition to helping kids learn educational skills, table games can also teach children important social skills. This includes handling situations when they don’t win, taking turns, sharing, following rules and directions, waiting, communicating verbally, and interacting with others.

Also, for kids that win, playing more games teaches them how to handle winning and how to stay humble despite the victory. It helps children handle conflicts in real life and clarify their values better. It also helps develop the necessary social skills for them like teamwork. The message that comes with playing such games is; Never give up.

  1. They help build self-esteem.

Participating in games with your family can help in the success of your child in building his or her self-esteem. This is because table games offer a sense of challenge, and they promote self-efficacy.

  1. They promote motor skills.

Many table games are useful in developing children’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Each time they play games like shuffling cards, they will be building their motor skills. As a result, they can become successful in activities like sports, writing, and playing instruments.

  1. They promote resilience.

According to Sara Meghan Walter, an assistant professor of counselor education at Stetson University, many table games encourage input from each family member including children. This is especially true for cooperative games like solving puzzles rather than competitive games.

This not only helps promote cohesion in the family but also increases resilience in the children’s life.


In a world where technology is always competing for our attention, table games bring us back to the physical world and connect us with our loved ones. A family game night is a good way to disconnect from the digital world and spend the much needed time with each family member.

There are many reasons why your family should play table games together. This includes developing your kid’s social, academic, and motor skills while creating lasting memories and strong bonds. Therefore, be sure to plan a family game night and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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