7 Fun Ways to Teach Your Child about Science


Science is one of the most important subjects for your child to learn. Learning about science will help your child to develop necessary life skills, like the ability to communicate clearly and to stay focused. That is also one of the best subjects for your child if they have shown a keen interest in exploring the natural world around them.

Science teaches children to have a healthy respect and admiration for the world around them; it also encourages them to ask questions and to discover more. This vital subject is also great for helping children develop their senses and promotes greater self-awareness.

By teaching your child to appreciate and relate to the world around them, they will be far more likely to succeed as young adults. Below are seven super fun ways to teach your child all about science:

  • Start A Collection

Most parents have stories about their children having pet rocks or collecting fuzzy bugs. Children love collecting things, which encourages them to think like budding scientists. Encourage your child to start collecting something like marbles or bottle caps, they can then go on to classifying and comparing them.

That is a vital scientific skill that will help your child grow and develop their brain.

  • Grow Vegetables

Teach your child about science by giving them a vegetable garden to look after. Assign them a role like watering the plants; that will help them learn about science while also learning how to be responsible and you can save money at the same time.

Let your child be involved in selecting what vegetables to grow; if they’re older, then you can make it extra fun by letting them help you to cook them afterward too.

  • Go On A Nature Treasure Hunt

Give your child a list of items (with pictures if they’re still little) that they can hunt for in the garden. Your kid needs to know that they shouldn’t pick up bugs until they have learned to identify them. You must stress the importance of being gentle – we are merely visitors to nature.

Add in things like rocks, leaves, flowers, and a snail shell – anything that is common to your area.

  • Buy Kits

Science kits are an absolute Godsend. Order your child kits like weather stem activities from your favorite online store. These kits are almost always designed for curious children, all you need to do is find the right kid for your child’s age group.

Plan a fun experiment like this one at least once a week, if possible. These are the most fun way to teach your child to develop a love for all things science-related. They usually come with most of the supplies that you will need so you won’t be scrambling around to find things.

  • Encourage Reading

Never stop buying your children books about science. There are so many wonderful and informative books available online that you won’t even need to leave the house. 

Science books are filled with action-packed projects, gorgeous images, and fascinating stories for them to enjoy. Every parent knows that their child is capable of changing the world, and science books are the way to teach them!

Every great modern scientist has stories of developing their love for science at an early age, particularly ones about how their parents fostered that love.

  • Watch Science Documentaries

For the days when the weather doesn’t permit exploring, choose a fun science documentary to watch. These can be chosen based on length and content, so rest assured that they will be suited to your child’s learning level.

  • Encourage Building

Science is all about learning how things work and fit together. Buy your child puzzles and encourage them to get building! Choose anything from 3D puzzles to Lego – building is building. If your budget doesn’t allow for this, you can find objects around the house to build with – like drinking straws or Popsicle sticks.

All you’ll need is some glue and a base to stick everything to. Choose brightly-colored sticks or paint them together to make it more fun. Building things will encourage your child to problem-solve and deal with difficulties.

To End

Kids need to have fun when learning about science. Be prepared for them to make messes because learning is often messy! Keep calm and remember that you’re doing this for them and not you. So, be patient and be fair, and have some fun yourself while you’re at it. 

One of the greatest honors in life is to be a parent, always remember that.

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