5 Ways Stay-at-home Moms Can Make Money Online


Having a little extra cash on hand in always bliss. Taking care of children is making many well-educated and skilled women to stay at home. Going every day to the office is a bit hectic, when you have a baby or two, hanging around your arms. Not every workplace has daycares and even when they have they might charge you a good fortune for keeping your child during work hours. Some moms are a little bit possessive about their child and will feel reluctant to leave their child all alone in a stranger’s hand.

Some women must take off from work for welcoming a newborn into this world. It’s better to work from their beds. The Internet has made the world a global village. Now, you can make a right amount of money by just sparing some hours from your day.

Here we have stated some work for stay at home moms

Online Tutoring

Teaching  online is becoming more common by every passing hour. If you have education in some specific subject. You can transfer the knowledge to the one who is seeking it. Online institutes are hiring worldwide, you can just choose your desired time slot, and they will arrange the lecture at that time. If you are busy, you can pre-record the lecture and students will see it, whenever they feel like.

Foreign exchange

Working in foreign exchange is a lot easier once you gain some experience. It is also known as forex trading. It is the most recommended work because you can make a lot of money in no time. The best part is that you do not need much to start the business. All you are going to need is some money to invest (in the beginning), and you are good to go. If you are good at manipulating people with your talk, you have halfway there. Selecting forex broker can be confusing at first. Some of the best forex brokers are readily available online. They also provide a complete guideline for the forex beginners.

Freelance article writing

Freelance article writing is one of the most well-paid jobs online. With the growing trend of blogging, article writing is becoming more common. Bloggers will hire you to write some content for their blogs. The amount offered in quite good but varies from person to person. The only requirement is that the content should be catchy and unique. Most of the time topics are provided by the bloggers themselves. You can always take help from the net surfing to get you started.

You can also do paid assignments for students.

Online surveys

Companies who are looking for their products promotions and testers conduct online surveys. Forms are provided, and by merely filling the forms you can get paid for your opinion with a bulk of the money. You will be able to make money as well as they offer you gift cards, vouchers, and free products. These are desired by its worker because there is nothing much to do and it would not eat your brain away. It mostly consists of clicking check boxes.

Write previews

If you love watching movies and YouTube videos, why not make some money from it. You will only have to watch videos and movies and then write reviews about them. You just need to highlight some of the key points and tell the viewers why it is good for them to watch the movie. For most of the part, you will have to convince the reader that they are missing out much if they still haven’t watched the movie yet. These previews help in promoting the movie.  


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Erin Wright
6 years ago

I never even thought about online teaching and would love to get into freelance article writing! Thanks for the ideas!