6 Luxury Honeymoon Locations


When you think about your honeymoon and where you want to travel to it only makes sense that you’d want it to be a luxurious spot. It’s a time to celebrate the love between you and your better half and relax and have fun away from your daily responsibilities.

There are six specific locations that certainly give off a sense of luxury and that you might want to put on your consideration list as you begin planning the trip of a lifetime. Keep in mind that you can always travel to any of the other locations that you don’t select now later on in life for an anniversary or other celebration between the two of you.

1.   Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not only gorgeous and romantic, but there’s also so much to do. There are adventures to be had such as ATVing or hiking or you can put your feet up and relax poolside at a luxury resort. The people are welcoming and friendly and there’s no shortage of outstanding food options.

2.   South America

Another idea you’ll want to put in the running for a luxury honeymoon location is South America Holidays. South America has much to offer you, from its exotic temperatures, beautiful and wonderful wildlife and beaches that’ll have you unwinding in style. Before going, you will want to brush up on your Spanish and Portuguese!

3.   Hawaii

In addition, think about heading over to Hawaii for your luxury honeymoon location. There are volcanoes, National Parks and plenty of beaches to scope out. The hotels are magnificent, and you’re sure to find the food spectacular. The best part is that you can island hop and go exploring in more than one location while you’re there.

4.   Greece

You can’t go wrong when choosing Greece as your luxury honeymoon location. The color of the blue water is striking, and there’s plenty to do and see. It’s a romantic destination that’s known for its breathtaking beaches and historical sites. Get dressed up and head out for a fancy dinner just the two of you where you’re more than likely to be very impressed by the local fare. 

5.   Bora Bora

If you want to be instantly blown away by nature and all its beauty, then head to Bora Bora for your luxury honeymoon location. There are gorgeous places to stay and a lot of opportunities to have your own privacy and be secluded away from others. While it’s a popular luxury resort hot spot, know that you can stay in your own bungalow perched over the water by yourselves.

6.   Fiji Islands

The Fiji islands are not only incredible to see, but it’s also one of the friendliest and most luxurious places in the world. Imagine booking a picturesque private resort where the two of you can spend your days lounging around without a care. If you like adventure then you should definitely make time to do some snorkeling or scuba diving and check out the coral reef.

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