6 Health Benefits of Moderated Alcoholic Drink Intakes


Sitting on the round table while taking steady sips of beer sounds pleasing and feels entertaining, but you may be getting more than just that. Taking moderated alcohol amounts isn’t just an indulgence but an ideal remedy for most health issues. According to health experts, taking moderated alcohol does well for your health besides getting yourself refreshed and entertained. Therefore, if you grasp a Martell VSOP in Singapore to wash it down with your buddies, here are the health benefits you’ll be accruing.

  1. It keeps heart complications at bay

 According to studies, moderate alcohol amounts are an ideal remedy to banishing heart issues and defects. People who drink alcohol are less likely to encounter heart diseases and acute cardiovascular conditions, including strokes and heart attacks. Valuable substances in alcoholic drinks also bolster heart health by improving neurochemical functions, making it an ideal inoculant to life-threatening defects.

  1. Strengthening your bones

 Alcohol contains active soluble minerals that strengthen your bones to prevent bone thinning. Alcoholic beers have a rich supply of dietary silicon that exists as Orthosilicic acid, an essential supplement for the development of bones and connective tissues. Besides, alcoholic drinks contain mineral additives, including calcium which are integral components for solid bones.

  1. It keeps harmful cholesterol levels down

 Bad cholesterol predisposes you to numerous health complications, including severe high blood pressure. Since alcoholic drinks have enough soluble fiber, it helps lower bad cholesterol and sugar levels, keeping you healthy and fine. Low cholesterol means streamlined blood flow and a refined form of health.

  1. Lowers stress levels

 Taking alcoholic beers and cognacs helps lower nagging anxiety and stress levels in the short term. The flipside is that it induces dependency if that’s what you rely on to give you a reprieve, leading to more problems. Moderated intakes are helpful, but excessive consumption leads to addiction that throws you out of balance. If used for long, it can also affect your social life and profession. Experts suggest that you take minute alcoholic drinks amounts to lower the risk of addiction and dependency.

  1. Preventing kidney stones

 Alcoholic drinks, including beers, wines, and cognacs taken in moderate amounts, can offset the chances of suffering from kidney stones. This condition can be fatal and retard your routine body cleansing, sometimes developing to extreme levels. Alcoholic drinks contain kidney wellness-promoting phytochemicals that are critical drivers to healthy kidneys. However, excessive amounts are detrimental to other major body organs, particularly the liver, causing severe cirrhosis. Thus, moderated amounts are ideal for better kidney and general body health.

  1. Improves your memory

 Alcoholic drinks, including beers and cognacs, have flavonoids that improve cognitive function. Xanthohumol is a flavonoid that guards the brain cells against deterioration, in addition to protecting you from dementia. This substance guarantees this protection by preventing brain cell oxidation, keeping them healthy and functional.


 Moderated alcohol drinks aren’t just an indulgence and a form of refreshment with friends, but a full dose to prevent health complications. If you happen to grab a bottle of Martell VSOP in Singapore or any other drink of your choice, rest assured you’ll accrue significant health benefits. However, don’t drink uncontrollably such that you lose your balance.

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