5 Ways to Reward Your Kids That Aren’t Stickers


As a parent, you know that the struggle is very real.

Even the most patient, attentive, and locked-down parents have kids who misbehave. Don’t feel bad, it’s inevitable. While extreme bad behavior can be a reflection on the quality of parenting, typical bad behavior just comes with the territory.

However, that isn’t to say you can’t make it better or teach your kids how good behavior is rewarded while bad behavior is disciplined. In fact, you should. How else will they learn?

Keep reading for our top incentives for kids to maintain good behavior!

Good Behavior Incentives for Kids

Kids love stickers, but you’re not a teacher for crying out loud and you’re not grading papers. That is unless your kids are homeschooled, in which case both of those scenarios apply. But that’s not what we’re talking about here!

We’re trying to help our kiddos learn a valuable life lesson – good behavior is desired and reward, bad behavior isn’t. It’s just as true for adults as it is for children. Why not give them a head start?

1. Late Bedtimes

I don’t know where the transition happens, but at some point in our lives, we stop hating bedtime and start looking forward to it. However, our kids feel 100% differently. 

For some kids, bedtime represents the absolute worst moment of their lives and worst yet, it happens every day at the same time.

Therefore, good behavior incentives for kids can revolve around bedtimes. If they’ve done well for the day, extend their bedtime a half hour or so. They’ll appreciate it so much they’ll want to replicate it every day!

2. Medals

Stickers may be out, but there’s something “official” about receiving a medal! 

There are super affordable and completely customizable medals out there that are perfect incentives for kids. However, they’ll quickly lose their lustre if you overdo it, so make sure you save them for the best displays of good behavior! 

Take a look at Trophies Plus Medals for some good ideas.

3. Extended Electronics Time

We may not fully understand or even agree with the way the new generations are addicted to electronics, but you are reading this on an electronic device – most likely your phone. It’s the way of the new world and while our kids’ obsession with screens may be annoying, their generation will likely be much smarter than ours.

However, you can use this to your advantage. For good behavior incentives, dole out extra electronics time, whether it’s video games, TV shows, or social media.

4. Skip a Chore

Another great way to motivate kids to behave well is by offering to do one of their chores for them, assuming they earn it. No kid likes doing chores, adults don’t even like doing chores.

However, it takes us a quarter of the time to do the dishes compared to them and if it buys us good behavior, it’s worth it!

5. Extra Dessert

Adults and children alike love dessert. Our country’s excessive dieting habits are a testament to that!

However, without overdoing it and adding to the problem, you can give your kiddos an extra scoop of ice cream every once and a while as an incentive to behave better! Just don’t make a nightly habit of it.

Good Luck

We all know parenting is tough. We want to be their best friends, yet we know we have to be the bad guys some times. 

The more we can use positive reinforcement, however, the more our kids can learn the dos and don’ts of life in a safe environment. 

For more parenting tips and fun life hacks, look through the rest of our blog and see what grabs your attention!

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