5 Ways To Make Your Baby Comfortable In The Summer Heat


As summer approaches, you might be too excited to enjoy the warmer days and head off to the beach for a fun swim day. However, while you might enjoy the sun, your babies might feel extremely uncomfortable, resulting in them crying and fussing all day long. With that, you should help your babies feel cozy throughout the trip..  

Summer isn’t really the best season for babies. Apart from crying, there’s really nothing they could do about it to keep themselves cool. Moreover, listed below are some ways to make your baby comfortable even during a sweltering day.

  • Choose The Right Clothes 

Picking the right clothes would contribute greatly to how your baby would feel during summer. Adults would prefer to wear shorts and sleeveless tops to avoid trapping heat. With that, you should also allow your baby to dress comfortably, and you can accomplish that with onesies for babies

Making babies wear onesies is an effective way to make them feel comfortable during summer. Ideally, you should go for a sleeveless and bikini type onesie, so they don’t have to deal with too much sweat and heat inside their bodies. Choosing light colors would also help promote a fresher feel, allowing your baby to feel comfy even at the peak of the heat. Additionally, going for a pure cotton fabric would allow for proper ventilation as it does keep your baby cool and prevents trapping of heat, causing sweat. 

  • Keep Them Hydrated 

Summer heat can dehydrate everyone as the temperature can take the water away from your body. To keep your baby hydrated all day long, you should let them drink sufficient amounts of fluids. If your baby’s older than six months, you can offer them water during the day to prevent them from feeling too full as milk acts as their food, making them less hungry but too full. You can also give them natural fruit juices.

  • Stay Indoors During Peak Hours 

If you don’t have important errands that need your baby’s presence during the day, you both should opt to stay indoors. This is especially true during peak summer hours, from 10 AM to 3 PM, when you can just expect the temperature to be scorching hot, which is highly comfortable for your baby. Even if you let them drink plenty of fluids, it’s still not enough to keep them cool and comfy.  

However, if you must take them outside, you might want to consider making them wear comfortable clothes, bringing an umbrella, bringing cold beverages, along with using a portable fan to keep them cool.

  • Turn On The AC 

As you stay indoors during the summer, you might want to consider turning on the AC to provide a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere for your baby. While promoting maximum ventilation, opening the doors and windows wide might invite warm air inside. That’s why an AC would be a great alternative, especially during the peak summer hours. 

An AC would help to keep the room cool at all times. However, you must avoid turning it down to an extremely cool temp as it might make your child feel sick, especially with the intense, sudden change of temperature as they venture outside. Ideally, you should start your AC with a warmer temperature, only decreasing it every 30 minutes to allow for a gradual transition. 

  • Wash Off Oil 

If you’re using massage oils for your baby after every bath time to help them sleep immediately, you might want to consider skipping this or switching to a product that has a thinner consistency. It’s important to note that oil-heavy products tend to trap the sweat into your baby’s body, making them feel uncomfortable, especially during summer. Alternatively, switching to a thinner oil would allow for maximum breathability and comfort, preventing your baby from feeling hot and greasy. 


Making your baby feel comfortable during summer can really be challenging as you won’t exactly know how hot they feel. While making them wear comfortable clothing would be a great start, giving them sufficient amounts of water and other healthy fluids would always be helpful to avoid dehydration.

Moreover, keeping them inside a cool place would also allow for maximum comfort, allowing your baby to be happy at all times. If there’s not a need for both of you to go outside, particularly during peak summer hours, just opt to stay indoors as the heat can be quite damaging during those times. Turn the AC on so as to create a relaxing atmosphere for your little one while indoors.

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